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show, refers to the number of times you show advertising on the search engine. The show is brought into advertising account of the premise, it is easy to understand, if you can show ads on search engines, the visitors can’t see your ad, not into your website, so what transformation? So, improve the show account is one thing each the SEM specialist should do! Some just contact for promotion of the people will have such an idea, the improvement is to raise the price to show the amount of keywords, let it have a good ranking, showing the amount of natural high. In fact, many factors influence the show is, keywords ranking is an important factor, but the keywords search volume is also one of the most important factors.

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for example! Small operation account is Hongkong server hosting and rental. The main word is Hongkong server rental, which is also a core keywords our account, that if you take it and then to compare the brand, take "Hongkong Kwai Fong room" the word comparison. Through the love of Shanghai can find out the "Hongkong index server" 109 average daily search volume of the word nearly half a year, most of the day is 211 times. This time, if it can be ranked 3 before the show, through precise matching the basic can be equated with the data (the data is only through precise matching show, and show the word, not in the account because if the word and phrase matching, even if there is no good the ranking, also can have a lot of show). But to say the word "Hongkong Kwai Fong room", the daily search volume is less than 10, under such circumstances, even if his ranking in the first, also do not bring high show.

So to improve the

account is a very important indicator. A visitor clicks on your ads, you can enter your website, then understand your products and services, you can also communicate with your customer service staff, so as to promote the transformation of the transaction. So to attract visitors click on advertising is also very important.

there is a saying: one does not see the data of the SEM specialist, not a qualified specialist SEM. The analysis for the account of the background data is SEM specialist must do everyday, and to record the work. In fact, love Shanghai bidding background data statistics system is very powerful, to promote the account, to a certain keywords, all data can be counted. If all data are gathered together, it is very complex. So the analysis of bidding account data, usually one to. Xiao Bian today to share with everyone and show the amount of clicks for the account of the

Click on the

account of the show, not only can improve the keywords ranking. We must first determine the key words is that there will be a lot of people to search, at this time to improve its ranking, can let the account to show the amount of a significant increase.

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