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skills: increase the Xinhua Dictionary explanation. A lot of time in the editor of the encyclopedia, and increase the Xinhua dictionary explanation, can easily through the audit, the skills I also frequently used, and tested

tight and heavy task, without further ado, the construction of the chain of this article mainly to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, to tell the skills and strategies used in the Wikipedia entry in the Encyclopedia of Shanghai, love is a product of Shanghai’s launch of love, who does not love Lao Tzu huduzi, Shanghai is no exception. We search keywords love Shanghai encyclopedia is always at the top, which fully shows the love of Shanghai is also a virtuous not avoid Pro guy, and to give high weight of the

as everyone knows, the high weight of the external links, the construction site plays a vital role, however, can build a website or forum links high weight threshold and the technique is very strong, the novice webmaster insurmountable, the reason is the lack of understanding and rational use of link strategy for high weight website link rules

: get the wrong spelling skills 1. Typos are easy to find in Shanghai love encyclopedia, and modify typos easily through the audit, recommended novice adopted this method edit entries. However, typos edit entry is simple, but how to modify typos and clever with their own website promotion website marketing links and links to products, you need to be flexible in responding to

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many owners are aware of this truth, have many times to edit entries, but often without words, such as like a clay ox entering the sea, visible on Wikipedia entry audit is very strict, but also have no way, 7 tips below I’ll teach you to edit entries, master the 7 points, greatly improved by the rate will be

5 Tips: delete advertising. See here you may doubt, search engine optimization edit entries, is not to increase their website advertising and links, why delete advertising? Is actually very easy to understand, not delete your own ads, but others increase advertising! But do note that advertising is to delete delete those who are too straightforward, exaggerated, false advertising, advertising on the fair competition of the peer, proposed to retain. There are humorous words on the network, "the person leave the line, after a good meet.


skills: add pictures. Most of the time, Wikipedia text has been perfect, but few pictures, so this will give the webmaster provide the opportunity to remember, the increase in the picture at the same time, add links to your site, don’t forget your purpose.

skills: increase the entry names translation. A lot of international products, not the general vocabulary, translation or sources of their love in the English Shanghai encyclopedia, outside the chain of builders can establish a content page on your website to provide these entry questions in English, and then use this page to do editing Wikipedia entries, the success rate is very high

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