Discussion on three problems prone to Shanghai dragon in the workplace

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two, the lack of team unity consciousness


we can find a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are single-handed and lack of cooperation, such as the optimization process content, content distribution, the chain construction is one arranged, and often late because of a lack of energy and these friends will be competitors beyond. In this regard, as Shanghai dragon Er we need to change this complacent, overweening and optimize the thinking, do any work with a group to more perfect finish. As a story "in ancient times, a chopstick is easy to break, and a pair of chopsticks is not easy to break," from the stories we can understand the importance of unity, to be really beyond our competitors, we first need to learn the meaning of team unity, unity is strength to believe Yong Jian does not destroy the.

, a lack of long-term planning of their own occupation

to the author’s observation that many people started to enter the Shanghai dragon in this industry are full of energy, all are strong, but after a series of optimization promotion often a lot of people can not stand the first half will feel exhausted. The reason I think there are two main reasons. One is that Shanghai Longfeng is a boring and lengthy process. Second, tend to be a lot of people didn’t make a reasonable plan, which led to his every day just blindly do Shanghai dragon, become the "poor" family. You will also follow from an energetic young man suddenly became a gaunt old man. I think the latter is more critical factors of subjective factors. Therefore, I suggest that you in time to make a short-term work plan and long-term occupation planning, planning work plan to make us better, to avoid unnecessary waste of energy, long-term occupation planning, can let your true self positioning, self understanding, self understanding, clear their own direction, self clear goals in life.

three, ignoring his body


with more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to Internet marketing, "Shanghai dragon Er" this industry more and more Internet practitioners favor, especially the rapid expansion of electronic commerce in recent years. However, for an optimization of staff, we need every day every day in addition to complete quantitative timing boring optimize the management of the station outside the station, also need to face the fierce competition and the outside world ranking search engine for the Shanghai dragon "down", which often leads to some poor willpower friends down. The following is the author in Shanghai Longfeng working for two years, for the analysis of fault prone in the workplace today Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, some hope to be able to help a friend out of the confused state.


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