The medical industry site optimization Shanghai Longfeng primary target customers

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if you struggle in 2011 for a year, but still not what great progress, then you must consider, whether your optimization is correct, more importantly, do you really know your face group? You know your target customers who is? If you for a year, still do not understand, so, or don’t rush to optimization, still want to know the plan.

< 3> conversion rate. If you write the title without any search volume, can not be talked about the conversion rate. On the conversion rate, we should further tap the long tail keywords conversion rate, such as technology and price, technology which is good, this word will vary greatly on the conversion rate. The medical website is a facade, the equivalent of art decoration, your conversion rate, see if you can provide customers want. The medical station is not online sales, online consultation and contact you must be clear.

for example: you do this industry cosmetics, whitening products, I believe you will know that your group should be the beauty of women, that your website optimization and so on a series of information to grasp your customer psychology, so that your optimization makes sense, can be said to the problem of conversion.

for the website optimization, anything can be done, but need to pay attention, you have to know your customers know what they need, and to perfect, I believe there will be a return be not of the common sort. In 2012, a new start, each Shanghai dragon Er all want to in the new year, there is a sudden progress. These days, I have been given to the medical industry if you want to develop in the territory of the network, pay attention to what the problem? The medical industry site optimization: Shanghai Longfeng primary target customers, hope to have the shortcomings, you can.

2, recognize the important embodiment of target customers.

< 1> bidding. If you know your target customers, then, will choose some search volume keywords on bidding. After all, the station or technology are not likely to do the bidding, so spend a lot of money, but if you know your target customers will naturally choose some target keywords, which can not only reduce costs, but also let you have the income.

< 2> the station. Identify target customers, so the station according to the search habits to do, so as not to send some meaningless articles. For example, this kind of diseases such as psoriasis, psoriasis treatment, psoriasis the best treatment method ", these words are generally want to treat customers to search, so this is what we most need to seize the.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er optimization for a long time, but not what improvement, especially the visits not rise, do you have a check, is not the target.

1, recognize the importance of target customers.

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