Want to do business in Shanghai must have a dragon in depth understanding of products

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enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng, that work is the need for sales. For our Shanghai dragon Er, a salesman, we are just ordinary, with the general clerk did not like what two. The only difference is that we face the customer is not the same way. When the clients come to us when the conversation is the same, just not the same space. But we have done for Shanghai Longfeng people some things need to walk in front of the traditional property, we need to study the user groups, showing how the product can function better selling on the web, so as to attract customers. Where we need to investigate this product users are most concerned about, what is most worried about the user, these we will put these sites before planning are understood.

In fact, if the traditional We are here today to talk about the

salesman learning Shanghai dragon, I believe that the most likely to make the user experience of the website. Like we only know Shanghai people do not understand the Longfeng users out of the site, let users look very tired, I believe that the majority of customers have a "rape" feeling. I took it to tell me these questions in the website of the revision. The first is displayed in the navigation area, the most important products. The function and characteristics of the most important products with the needs of users of display >

if we are absolutely ignorant of the, I would say that I was doing great mistake to make enterprise products under ignorance today. First of all for the products do not understand our website navigation is not good, you say so? But the web site navigation is one of the important factors of the user experience, if a user came to your site, it can’t find what you want most in the fastest time, I think it will be very fast leave your site. I was also in the traditional business thinking as a rival station, write, so on-line. After a period of optimization, keyword ranking, flow slowly up, but there is always a depressing thing, website bounce rate is particularly high.

we often judge website jump out rate is too high is the user experience is not good, but which makes users are not satisfied with us but I think a little can make nothing of it, this is all Shanghai dragon Er operator is confused. Until one day a chance I finally understand that the original is web page content layout errors. The first is the navigation design does not meet user selection, we know that the gifts network navigation for users how important, even do good gifts network user navigation plays an important function to help users make decisions. Our enterprise website navigation station although cannot achieve such results, but at least not to let the customer think to the wrong place. When I was with a line salesman chat it found the problem. He told me some of the attributes of our customers, such as age, level of Internet is very high, most of which product question, our company which products are most competitive, when we sell products if the quality point reflected.

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