There are ten kinds of behavior may lead to the decline of the website

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do anything should be pre planned, managed in the matter, after a summary. Only in this way can make the event smoothly. Do the same. Many webmaster do stand in the early no long-term goal and plan, step by step, in a very long period of time after.

third, the lack of long-term goals and planning

in fact, cause a little of this and the above is the same. Because of our limited funds, so we want to save cost, so in the choice of payment services we will be very careful. So, many owners, would be more love, especially the free resources on the network is often used in the early days, especially for some free source code packages are of particular interest or crack. It can achieve a goal, in less investment circumstances but, because most of these free resources of unknown origin, containing some loopholes, so may cause some damage to the site as a whole, not found fortunately, once found, the latter may be some pay far more than the quality assurance of the resources to pay more the cost, even make the site died. Some love for the use of free resources, even for these free resources relies on the formation of the webmaster, must pay attention to the problem, once used, we will do may be a problem for the future, be prepared against want.

second, the excessive use of free resources and shared

Internet is developing very quickly, when the station is also very comfortable, at least not for anyone to report the progress of their work, you can freely arrange time and work, because I was the boss. But because of this, we are in the process of moving forward will be responsible for all matters because we have made some quick mistakes, resulting in failure and destruction. Therefore, for the webmaster, the most important thing is to pay attention to and pay attention to their own factors, especially on the target execution and implementation. According to some industry case of success and failure, and some friends around the lessons, the following is a summary of several easy to let the webmaster for quick mistakes, the webmaster should strengthen the attention, because it has so many people have failed, this is we should strive to avoid the later.

First, choose the

space taking security

space is the basis of site, no space, all the other is out of the question, so, this is our first topic to be mentioned. Although most of the grassroots webmaster because of limited funds, will care more about the price, but as the most basic security site on the space of choice must be careful, because if it wants to do, then put that as a business or investment to do, playing a good foundation, is the premise for us to do anything the. The owners in the early days, in the capital considerations, choose some non guaranteed space, often lead to unable to access on the site during the operation, not even to the most basic requirements. How can such a web site, and are almost impossible to survive, and how to develop.

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