The local community portal of Shanghai Longfeng optimization focus

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in the content construction, the key requirement to strengthen the training of divergent thinking webmaster, for a content or an event should be analyzed from various angles, and will be a very smooth internal link analysis of the construction of these different sites, which not only can effectively improve the content richness rise site, on the other hand also can related to improve website content, to attract love Shanghai spiders, improve website weight is very important.

first, should pay attention to the original site architecture. Now many local community portals have many fixed format, in fact we open a lot of local community portal, especially the website of local community portal to join some type, its basic framework is unified, the local community portal the same architecture, is difficult to attract the interest of the spider love Shanghai, even very easy is a station group website punished and shielding, so attention should be paid to the choice of site architecture originality, unique templates, and follow the principle of simple and practical user design, so as to enhance the community portal’s unique personality, to attract attention to the spider love Shanghai.

second, construction should pay attention to the content. This is the problem but also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the most difficult problem, its degree of difficulty is really "a middle course" as a middle course is very difficult, or go to extremes, and One principle runs through it all. To be eternal. So Cheng said: not partial, mediocre is not easy. In the content is actually to be eternal, but most of the webmaster in to One principle runs through it all., this work can not be a long stick. After a period of time, often engage in a large number of reproduced or collection, but the site also is difficult to progress.

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third, the construction of the chain. This is also the key to optimize the local community portal website. Here we must pay attention to the construction of Links, especially local government websites, and the same type of local vertical websites for friends of the chain. In the Internet world, the chain Links formation, and especially the website associated >

community portal compared with the traditional comprehensive portal involved has been greatly reduced, but compared to the vertical segments of the local site types, maintenance content and site structure of local community portal websites are obviously much larger, this optimization work if you can’t find the key, resulting in wasting a lot of time for the webmaster friends will, this author summarizes several key optimization work, it has a certain reference for enhancing the work efficiency of the webmaster friends.

community portal in recent years has intensified competition, the local community portal is not only to face the same type of site competition, also need and the relevant local websites such as local information network, a network of real estate, recruitment network competition is relatively saturated market, so if the local community portal website optimization do not place, so it is difficult to obtain more loyal customers, thus seriously affect the profitability of local community portal.

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