How to set up the website structure more conducive to ranking

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basically all of the small and medium-sized site is tree structure, tree structure is the basic structure of the general Internet, also we must obey.

two, URL path

website will often use the directory drop-down box form, although the drop-down box in the form of a tree structure but also belongs to the site will affect the level of.



so we consider the level of advantages but also consider the user’s time.

we may have a wrong thinking to a one-time put web page layout and mechanism design, because the site structure of our need to gradually optimize the fine-tuning later, to make the structure and layout of the site more accord with user experience design.

tree structure

2. level

this is a four layer tree structure, the directory is between the parallel level is constantly broken down.

, a sort of station structureWe

tree structure is relatively convenient for users to search for content, users can find the basis breadcrumbs layers, if our small website is not a tree but the ring or other structure, the user is very difficult when he wants to find the content.

we want to.

is the main form of website, website: navigation directory, website directory, web page

for the less hierarchical tree structure is more conducive to the collection, at the same time because fewer layers will reduce the spider crawling level, but the level is too small will also have a negative aspect, because too few levels will lead to the product or page number, this will directly lead to the weight of the dispersion, because the product pages and we put them too much this is all on the front page protection is not conducive to the user to select the.

before we mentioned want good foundation website ranking score and user satisfaction scores is essential, basic scores including the chain, content quality, within the chain, open speed and so on some fundamental factors, one of which we should pay more attention, that is the structure of our site, when our title and navigation after we have to start our website layout, a website structure not only belongs to the web based score, but also affect the user satisfaction scores, is a good website structure directly affects a user to the website when it can quickly find what he needs and try not to spend too much time cost, share with you today to discuss how the site structure can be more conducive to our website ranking.

to the structure of the site layout is relatively difficult, mainly for two reasons: 1. to our website structure system and the lack of knowledge. 2. for the website structure does not have a good cognition.

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