Outside the station optimization tutorial series two to determine the influence of writing for promo

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1. according to the website of the target user to determine the target audience site users in the website construction planning had been finalized. The website is the main source of the target user flow throughout the site, to a large extent will directly affect the promotion of the results of success and failure. So, on the website of the target user seriously, careful screening, segmentation, classification, deeper, for example, will be the site of the target customers according to gender and age classification. To determine a more targeted by the audience.


this is the first thing we need to push before thinking about a problem: what is the website promotion of the audience? Give a very simple example, for elevator advertising, we are not unfamiliar, covering groups lift media advertising for high income, basic urban population, its high cultural level, social influence a large, strong spending power, is leading the mainstream consumer. To accurately determine the audience is very heavy. Unable to determine or determine the error, it is difficult to determine a reasonable and effective promotion plan. We will not be a mechanical site audience determine women’s consumer groups. How to correctly determine the audience


. To determine the audience

products / activities to determine the audience in the actual work, often encounter such a situation, the company website or new on-line products or activities, we will require special promotion to its. This time the product or theme is determined, but the audience is still vague, need to determine the audience. We fully analyze the characteristics of their own products, or theme advantage; then these advantages are listed one by one, and one by one to find the audience most interested in articles; the last of these groups were compared and analyzed to find out the most popular group.

determine the audience, the next step is to clear where, in what way, the promotion method. To determine this, we should first analyze the users surfing habits, for example, graphic designers usually browse >

promotion methods, determine According to the 2.

share "front station optimization tutorial series a: how to find high quality chain forum", simply a list of several methods for the high quality chain forum. Now and then to share, how to find the suitable site promotion plan? Because of the different industry, is bound to appear different types of sites, in the formulation of website plan is not the same. In the development of promotional programs, many people will go to imitate other webmasters promotion programs, and no characteristics, combined with the characteristics of their site made. Make promotion plan in detail in the promotion, have an overall grasp of the promotion process, also has an important role in popularizing the expected effect, summary. Therefore, a series of problems to consider in the promotion of the promotion for the audience are those? Through this promotion channels which can achieve the effect? How to write out a complete and practical operation of the promotion plan? So here and we explore some factors, write a good promotion plan must be determined:

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