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said the truth is really hard to do outside the chain, it is because it is this article, why? The chain is difficult to do, the high quality of the chain is more difficult to do, master often say the amount of more than the good quality, I believe many of my friends are in Shanghai and Phoenix network promotion, the site of the original article is very difficult to do, for some products, we do not understand and optimize the products, it is difficult to write, help the customer, which is high quality articles, but we can only copy and paste the love of Shanghai, what the site quality is not very good, but we also have no choice, right, below to talk about the chain.

chain is undoubtedly not the several traditional ways, web site information, product supply, forum, blog, love Shanghai know, Post Bar, question and answer, soso, network bookmarks, forum signature, etc.. But now love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, like the forum signature, weight of the blog chain is reduced, it is more difficult to do, many master said, outside the chain of high quality is the best, the garbage chain is better, so, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai experience, love Shanghai related products, of course, the weight given love Shanghai is quite high, sex, Shanghai know that the audit is very sad, I think the old domain name is better than love, Shanghai experience is relatively easy, because the product has just come out, just out, I wrote an article, write do not write what Shanghai, love directly copied, by the same, and had the chain, always keep, but is a waste of time to do, feel soft, the effect is the best, how to say, the last time I wrote Now, it remained, brought a dozen to me outside the chain, of course, since we want to do optimization, I like to do promotion, and have little time to write, nor what to write.

three, many forums are not personal space, is as good a place to use, my competitors, the chain is mostly personal log log publish high quality forum, but need time, slow.

four, love Shanghai know open platform, less a day to do the audit, or through the Shanghai cooperation platform for love, only time > Quality

two, commodity publishing platform, business Chinese supplier Yilong business network business network. Marco Polo Veyron Global trade for a long time, and the eight party network resources of the Chinese enterprises is very much on the speed is very fast.

we can try this way to do outside the chain, included speed, and the quality is high, my word is grey is not very good, but for other industries, I think it is a good way to do all the more often I will not say, I believe we all know, here I am to talk about the way the chain I often do, although not very good, but to find how to do outside the chain of friends or help in need.

, a platform for the dissemination of information, good quality, good speakers, 58, 51, go to the market, etc..

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