The design of store website how to do the optimization of the mobile terminal in Shanghai Dragon

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more accessible: Shenzhen store design: 贵族宝贝 reprint please, thank you.

is using mobile phone Internet users most will pay more attention to the timeliness of news, this is no ground for blame. So in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should also pay attention to on the site as much as possible was the latest news shows that users want to know, update the website home page, this is more easy to get mobile phone users.

With the popularity of mobile phone

increased greatly and the popularity of the Internet in our life, many store design mobile phone website plays a more and more important role. But even that is still there are many stores in the design of mobile phone website did not do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the cause of this problem is partly because in the face of the mobile terminal optimization, a lot of people will feel very confused, then store design mobile phone website how to optimize? Let Shenzhen once network to tell you.

as everyone knows, Shenzhen store design mobile phone website because mobile phone screen itself is not large, and the loading time is controlled to a certain extent, so when we need to optimize the mobile phone web page number and page size are controlled in the lowest. At the same time, compared to the PC end users, mobile phone users generally do not have too much time, so when the store design mobile phone website design process also need to minimize the steps required to reduce search function of registration time, mobile phone users as much as possible to provide streamlined experience.

first, as far as possible to simplify the content on the website

high once network that want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most important thing is starting from the customer’s perspective to another, to optimize the Shenzhen store design mobile phone website do points.

third, reduce pop acts

second, the construction of website


for mobile phone users, mobile phone website design if a store does not stop the pop, the first idea is very boring, very boring. I believe you have relevant experience, on the other hand is useless advertising not only I need to spend a lot of time to shut down, but also waste a lot of traffic. In Shanghai dragon optimization time also must pay attention to only as far as possible to reduce the window to better retain users.

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