The development of Shanghai dragon goal what factors will be considered

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1, Shanghai Longfeng department personnel factors

3, as a director of Shanghai dragon, should start from the overall situation, from the long-term sustainable development of the site of consideration.

as a director of Shanghai Longfeng, for site planning and long-term development planning is essential, but also to develop the corresponding content strategy.


for the content of the website, but also enhance the user experience of the website of the key, write an article, the article is getting better and better, but the content of the article is to help users better. All of the content should be created from the user angle.

Shanghai dragon is a long-term optimization process, is one of the indispensable factors in the operation of the website. Whether it is PPC promotion or promotion of Shanghai dragon, the network department should have adequate site operations, in the development of Shanghai dragon goal should fully consider the overall operation of the website, the website of Shanghai dragon direction, URL website, web server, web site for the crowd, the heat of the keywords and competitors website optimization condition and the overall site layout and user experience, the content of the website construction and many other factors, the following is each of the factors in the development process of Shanghai dragon target.

2, whether new or old website Web site overall operational planning necessary (Shanghai Longfeng planning factors)

content and user experience is a key for the success of the website

a website to fully do the planning work, from the original content, the website of the program, the characteristic of the website where the difference, how to make your own website directly to others website, this website is in the early stage should be fully considered the problem. Some enterprises such as direct search template on the Internet, or directly use other templates, although the competition between the same content, the same product, but every enterprise has own characteristic and style, then in the planning stage should fully consider these factors for the user’s influence. If you do not make a good plan early, so on-line, your site will be mediocre, because you do not fully understand your users, understand your industry, your site will know what to bring to the user.


as a director for Shanghai dragon, Department staff should have full configuration, the main personnel equipped with a specialist: Shanghai dragon, analysis is primarily responsible for the site planning, website of Shanghai Longfeng data analysis and keyword analysis, selection of daily professional Shanghai dragon; the art of one person, is mainly responsible for the overall beautification the site, with the completion of the entire Shanghai Longfeng site landscaping, and meets the needs related website, click on the route according to the setting of user behavior; editing 2~3, responsible for the daily website original article creation, a chain of people, mainly responsible for the external optimization. After the Department has been established, it is possible to part of the planning of the Shanghai dragon.

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