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from the start site of the

took over the stage!

September 18, 2012 officially started on the site of the business training network 贵族宝贝qgpx贵族宝贝 to tell you the truth tell really do not see the website how many deficiencies, the beginning did not think the later work will be difficult, maintenance will be so high and optimize cost, was when I first began to take over the site did not expect have to say, is now regret, in fact many now do the work should be in the first time took over the site should do, but for the time of the industry do not understand their own lack of experience of Shanghai dragon, so a lot of starting from the site on the overall structure of the work are not considered to be too. May be before I took over the site, the site has been in a state of half-dead, but I also found that when the site. The collection kept off, when to take 15500 to tenth days I took that September 28, 2012 began to stagnate to 14200— this figure is also after a number I never forget, it lasted about half a month, during that period of time should be in the observation period of the Shanghai love and because the site began active, but for the love of Shanghai might be used, so the site was investigated for a long time, and with the continuous adjustment of the old love Shanghai included, included being clear, new content is included is not broken, so there is a non-stop included, but the total is included the same phenomenon — the site into the sandbox, but then than now, when I first came to the company, not what the pressure is still in the exploratory stage, until later Almost in October 13, 2012, included in the site began to loose, long 100, a week after the left and right are very stable, but suddenly one day have included a qualitative leap, one to 19900, the feeling is like doing a roller coaster, keywords ranking there is a substantial increase in front of the good.

the following work of this period of time on the experience of a summary to summarize the previous work of the harvest and insufficient, also is the next work to make a forecast and planning objective.

after the maintenance and optimization of the site for about three months, from the beginning to now but did not catch up with the February website (also called revision, is actually the old domain name with a new website only), big problems encountered in the process of other website operation, I almost all experience again – Website sandbox for the server, bad sites outside the chain, black links are hanging illegal website invasion, the website included substantial changes lead to stagnation and so on! In the middle of the twists and turns in a long story, I got really tired ah, now finally realized the website planning are very important for the maintenance of website operation later!!!

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