The love of Shanghai announced the cancellation of the news source mechanism brings enlightenment to

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love Shanghai official stressed in the announcement of the "original, quality and timeliness of this revelation is three points, remind the webmaster love Shanghai news source system from the site content, quality, user experience and other dimensions of automatic judgment, and the quality of content display.

love Shanghai why want to cancel the news source

love Shanghai news source, no doubt to the station a breeding place of parasites, news sources have seriously affected the websites of various types of soft ranking and user experience. This is the search engine of the evil. Cancel the news source, I feel this thing than the national rectification bidding more meaningful. Cancel the news source for various types of small and medium-sized site to the content of effectiveness as the basis, we fair competition, in order to make the Internet news content update iteration. Also proves that love Shanghai have a certain degree of technical upgrading, before may still rely on such stations to love Shanghai to bring traffic, the two years since the rise of the media, real-time content has no need to index the related information from the station. One or more support.

news source is the emperor’s confidante, have natural rights. Go to the back door, he is looking for someone to spend the money, corrupt officials prevailed. The news source of corruption from the beginning of

fell in love with the sea in March 20th announced the cancellation of the news source mechanism, this love Shanghai change the impact of large, not small to say, many large web sites by love for a long time Shanghai news source to build up the family fortunes. Love Shanghai, why do you want to cancel the news source? What love Shanghai this adjustment brings inspiration to our grassroots webmaster? Xiaobian to talk about their own views of

site content refers to whether the content and site theme related content? Whether the original or acquisition? Whether the timeliness of these points? ". Cry up wine and sell vinegar, a copy of the outdated information, etc. must be filtered out. Webmaster make contents must be in line with the current background or hotspot, to maintain the high quality of the original content and meet the theme of the site.

But then

events can see another thing, is news source site content is too corrupt, no need to use the contents of the love of Shanghai. Now don’t give love to work in Shanghai, Shanghai will make him love.

At present, the emperor

site quality refers to the content of the website is updated regularly? How website performance history? ". A previous resource information collected by all the update interval is very long, the site has been updated with a high quality content, can attract spiders are hard to say, even grab, love Shanghai will be in accordance with the previous impression of this article reduction.

?The rise of

to suppress these news sources, relatively weak part of this force, give them a run, prove it. Who is the boss, with the user experience as the basis, not obedient. See how I treated you.

owners need to do is to ensure the original rate of a certain time, concern about the safety of their own site, ensure the update rule >


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