The website needs 360 degree diagnosis

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3, the web site link structure

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high performance good host is very important, which is directly related to the users when browsing the web page loading speed, loading speed faster, the user experience can be improved. At the same time can be more perfect by CDN accelerator, more quickly. The storage size page and redundant code will directly affect the loading rate, therefore we can take the appropriate combination of CSS, combined with JS, compressed images, using Gzip functions to improve the loading speed of user. Not only that, but also to monitor the stability of the host, often because of uncertain factors in the host phase of the work efficiency is greatly reduced, so can not monitor the stability of the lax.



360° a full range of diagnostic


2, the basic function of the

website is an important carrier to get search engine traffic, but often backfire, in the process of comprehensive utilization, there will inevitably be a variety of problems, we need timely and effective treatment. Especially the site built in the early stage diagnosis and operation process of the website is very important. The website for the diagnosis of all aspects of the need for in-depth analysis, is the root of the problem to understand the reasons behind the truth, so the website needs more reasonable diagnosis 360°.


1, the stability of the

site links directly affect the spider crawling difficulty, generally small website suggested the website structure is flat, and the larger sites will need to use the property structure, its purpose is more convenient to search engine spiders crawling, using the website owner reasonable management. In order to let the search engine spiders do not encounter obstacles in crawling, web link structure in addition to simplicity, also does not have to do open links, it is necessary to grasp the internal links smoothly, also must pay attention to the keywords of the anchor text content in the accurate, extensive and concentrated.

for the newly built website, its most basic function is the key to improve. If you want to have better enhance the effectiveness of site traffic, including the realization of static or pseudo static function is indispensable, especially in the use of third party platform is showing its function and effect. In order to make a better search engine spider crawling, web map making sitemap.xml format must be perfect, let the spider crawling to more quickly and more efficient high quality pages, but also the supplement and perfect the overall site structure. The 404 page is for the user experience, but also conducive to the understanding of search engine. The Nofollow tag and the Robots.txt file is able to effectively control the site weight loss. The Tags label, traffic statistics tool, is sharing tools to facilitate correlation page aggregation, fully understand the flow trends, conducive to the user reproduced share.

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