To explore the influence factors of Shanghai micro blog search ranking love

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three factors: forwarding and comment number


one factor: the information released by the time

information and news to have the same time, the release time is micro-blog ranking important factors, I search for the word "Hefei tobacco that is ranked first in the Sina micro-blog, from the time point of view, the more information the more recent micro-blog ranking. Why take the time as the important ranking factor? Personal guess micro-blog information is messy, but with a micro-blog content may be a large number of repeat reprint to write the contents of the original micro-blog, really is not much, since it is a repetition of the content, that is not what the original. According to the time sequence allows the user to see the latest information, with micro-blog’s popular, many enterprises have established their own official micro-blog, users in the search for a name of the enterprise, the enterprise information is micro-blog behoove, directly display the latest micro-blog information is for the user experience.

Hefei tobacco ranked first

micro-blog now has become more and more popular, young people love most, thus lead to the micro-blog marketing, now micro-blog’s biggest rival is WeChat, love Shanghai also launched micro-blog search. Which is directly to micro-blog search information, is the main source of data: Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, micro-blog, the four micro-blog platform. Micro-blog can also have good rankings, even in the love of Shanghai news will appear micro-blog information, then love Shanghai micro-blog search ranking rules is? What factors will affect the micro-blog rankings? Below is the author of "Hefei tobacco" the search keywords appear the content displayed by micro-blog the release of information, as well as the time and number of forwarding etc.. It is clear that these factors will affect the micro-blog search ranking, the following several factors discussed under the rules of natural ranking: micro-blog

as shown above, in the micro-blog content include "Hefei tobacco" this keyword, though not completely, but according to the Shanghai love word segmentation technology, it will also appear in the ranking, around the keywords micro-blog is not much. If you search for some popular words will be able to see the effect, general micro-blog can release 140 words of the blog, and ordinary website articles, micro-blog articles also contain key words, no words can not appear in search results. But did not find the keyword density is not what requirements, the reason may be the micro-blog article content is short, the quality is not, with respect to comment and message. In that time is not on the user experience, because there are a lot of people to reply and forward, all crowded together, while reading is not easy, micro-blog it is the use of idle time at leisure pastime.


contains two factors: Keywords

search engine is supposed to be to provide users with better search results for micro-blog.

"Micro-blog search

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