Tips to write original content can be anti plagiarism

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love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, attach great importance to the original content, of course, from the user experience point of view, a valuable original is meaningful, light is to cater to the search engine’s hole in space, therefore, the webmaster in site optimization, in addition to the high weight for the purpose, but also meet the user experience, in order to preserve the true status of the website.

finally, to establish the internal chain, love Shanghai search engine often prompts the point is to learn the layout of Shanghai dragon in the chain, actually do this point in addition to improve the optimization effect, but also can prevent the articles to be copied, for example: "Links" as key words to write an article in the article can the keywords associated with this article as the chain construction goal, they will be together, on the one hand can lead to optimization of long tail keywords, on the other hand means that if people want to copy, unless the other articles with plagiarism, while building the chain again, otherwise it will reduce the user experience, the article have lost the original the value of. Of course, in the end can indicate the copyright, suggesting that those copycats of original labor into.

however, when a webmaster hard to spend time and energy to write make painstaking efforts making, blink of an eye but by other websites and even plagiarism in the past, the website related words wipe not to mention Not the least trace was found., retain the original source, for this cheeky behavior, is undoubtedly a blow to the original. In addition to frustration or helplessness, since others can not change, you can only change yourself. In fact, in order to prevent these acts of plagiarism, write original content has certain skills, the webmaster can try.

second, with a picture of the processing of images, add to the picture watermark, or add the content of the website information in the picture, not easy to be P off. Of course, the picture without the watermark also never mind, upload pictures of articles, pictures and information to the alt, in addition to the site optimization has certain advantages, the information content for those who do not carefully check the source code information plagiarist, it is equal to the picture text information also be copied over direct copy search engine, in recognition of the content, the same will be true to the original creators,

first, the original will have to continue the original, in the choice of subject matter, whether it is news or simply view articles, preferably with their own websites or unique markers linked to similar in the form of soft, but not too obvious advertising features, so easy to cause the reader, even let people feel worthless. In addition to the side of the case as a point, to start writing content on their own case, usually uses the example analysis to the point of view more convincing, it is important that when you want to copy words related to copy and delete the original article, because after the big length text is to delete the article is empty and no readability, finally had to take the author information copy, even without the original link can also achieve the effect of promotion.

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