The method of Web Mining batch of long tail keywords

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generally speaking, expand the way of long tail keywords are the following:

like quiz platform love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, these integrated, all walks of life will have a quiz, although the full promotion and advertising a lot of questions, but there are also a large number of real users ask, so a large part of the long tail word may be unexpected we brainstorm, is another the long tail word after the back-end search engine keyword tools and flow statistics background keywords mining expansion method.

in Shanghai know that search for a target keywords, there will be many problems associated with this keyword, and then search through the many related issues, and there will be more on this key problem, so the cycle of the long tail keywords available resources is endless.

! For example,


common customer service software, such as 53KF, business, music language and so provide keywords download tools, this is absolutely true user keyword search, and has considerable value and business transformation. Of course, these keywords a large part of the background traffic statistical tools overlap, can be used as screening for keywords.


can also get some long tail keywords to love Shanghai drop-down box that these words largely will allow users to directly search, it also has access and conversion effect, but also related to search. But because the drop-down box is single search, expansion amount is relatively small, the long tail word is not suitable for large volume expansion.

if you can, these service companies have the key vocabulary, might want to approach to me, a key expansion thesaurus, their own website not beautiful

website search traffic from the long tail keywords in a single search number is not much is almost every Shanghai dragon will know things, the more large and medium-sized apartment layout door website, long term traffic accounted for more heavy. This is why a lot of Shanghai dragon has been shouting should pay attention to the long tail word, constantly to expand, to optimize the long tail word keywords sake. Mining the long tail keywords is a relatively tedious work, but also need long time to do.

2, traffic statistics tool

some of the professional community or forum, such as the 39 Health is the best place for the medical industry to find the key words.

Most of the

method also after the keyword search engines and a large number of access to the real background and value of the long tail word. With the help of website traffic statistical tools can not only analyze the source of traffic to the site, but also can analyze the user’s search behavior, which is what users enter the site through a search term.

3, customer service software

PS: >

1, Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant search

4, Q & a platform and professional community

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