The industry website is down right on how to handle the love of Shanghai

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2. for two weeks, see the website related data, site domain and domain domain is the home page, included is reduced, website ranking is recovery, if found that everything is normal can try published original articles on the site, attract spider crawling included see effect, if included normal, it proves that the website is only slightly reduced right, can be recovered within two weeks. If you find your love Shanghai before the second original, this time is not included, you will have to pay attention to whether the station optimization and the construction of the chain over the front page, check the anchor text keyword density, distribution of natural or personal love is 10 article 64: 6 text with no anchor, 4 with the anchor text, ensure that the home in the inside of the anchor link, not every one is the anchor text of the

1., as a webmaster, you have to calm, not because of a little changes in the ranking that site is down right, to search the website of their own problems, change the plate, this is taboo. This time you need to do is watch and wait, to observe the keywords with the rank of the industry whether fluctuations, check their website site domain and domain domain is in the home! Observe the latest news of love Shanghai official, and then continue to wait for the update and maintenance. This is a very important point. Exclusion caused by love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the right down.

4. severe drop right often recovery cycle is long, generally at least 3 months, this time suggest that you can consider replacing the domain name, website data before the pack up and move to eliminate the optimization trace, ban robots crawling, all new sites, but must change all source code, can be the same industry. The effect is very obvious, I like this website, is to do, the effect is good, we are interested can look at.

drop right judgment is very simple, in addition to the new station, the general site drop right are the several forms: site only home page, the website included, in addition to the end of the month in Shanghai keywords love big update ranking overnight outside the top 100, the website included all disappeared, domain is not in the home…

how to do?

for a long time did not contribute to the A5, a large area of recent love Shanghai algorithm update, many websites are facing down the right K station risk… Once… As everyone knows, love Shanghai right down, the site is difficult to recover in a short time! Caused great economic losses to enterprises and their occupation effect. Recently too busy to adjust your own website, here to tell you how to deal with the site down right after

3. page optimization traces after removal of the important moment to decide to resume the original speed, not necessarily, must be relevant and authoritative, with every day a related industry of high quality journal articles, ensure a month can restore the site right down.

site drop right after the

?In fact,

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