Fool Shanghai dragon operation method

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literal meaning understanding Shanghai dragon is "color Oh" means, is to do the site attractive to users and search spider’s appetite for hanging up, and make each other in the next scene enjoy…… SEM’s personal understanding should be "color." [see], not SM, is SEM.

contact SEM (search engine marketing) [amateur, non professional, more real] since it has just two years of effort, Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) a little, but found that Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) are very easy to extremes:

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search engine of the world: information is needed to retrieve the screening, small and medium-sized site started to rely on search engine promotion as the only way to get even traffic to the site, so how to make the search engine is the website operation shoes every day very tight problem.

but, since it is the sharing of resources, Jiang Xinpeng might take out a little of his own different views and exchange: the above seven aspects too professional, for many primary users too deep, Shanghai dragon can do very relaxed, very stupid, "

some people say do Shanghai, mainly from the following aspects: first, analysis of Web site two, making 404 page three, making the site map, four clear division five, concentrating on the quality of six, building seven, pay attention to the long tail keywords anchor chain. Basically summarize, the rest of the Just Do It

Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon should put on the SEM (Search Marketing) in view, and search marketing is only a small part of the network marketing (of course very important), so, in the whole Internet marketing in Shanghai dragon is so not worth mentioning…… You all know…… Sometimes, you will find a lot of people because of the GG or DUDU algorithm to adjust the impact site search, where sighing, nagging, abuse…… It is hanged in a tree!

network of friends at first in Shanghai Longfeng interest, even feel Shanghai dragon is determined technology similar to hackers, Shanghai dragon is always so mysterious and unfathomable…… [] the cause of the production site in Shanghai Longfeng friends all know how important it is to the website, if actually said Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization) than SEM (Search Engine Marketing search engine marketing).

stared at PR on, staring at the dead number included not to put, the result is everywhere, everywhere link spam, even web page have not let go, the anchor text like a scar child in the whole home page layout as the key position, without distinction, regardless of whether the effect of user experience…… The best, but lead to the loss of customers, and then affect the search performance.

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