Another company C round die Amoy road founder groundless statement

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introduction: today this situation, I think it is normal. When you have a major change in the company, it is likely to happen, we need to use the right attitude to face. An entrepreneur needs a strong heart.


I black Ma Ma April 7th reported

"on the question of black speculation, I declined to comment." The phone, Amoy on the road (hereinafter referred to as "Tao Lu) founder Chen Wei seemed quite calm, hearty laughter came from time to time.

a few hours ago, Tao Tao C round of financing failure in the circle of friends crazy rumors pass: President Li Xin has taken the team to leave, most employees have signed a labor contract with the company to terminate the agreement.

followed by an official statement refuted, the original CEO Li Xin due to family reasons will retire CEO post, founder &, chairman Chen Wei took over. The statement also said that at the beginning of April, Amoy has identified a new round of financing on the road, will be used for channel construction, to expand commodity and brand promotion etc..

In fact, from the beginning of the second half of last year, scouring the road began to be bogged down in a variety of negative

. The first is the end of November last year President Tang Yibo left office, since the spring and rumors of its C round of financing blocked.

since last year to enter the capital of the winter, the company has been difficult, lasted about two or three months." Chen Wei I dark horse Tan said. But for some specific difficulties, Chen evasive.

according to a supplier Amoy revealed last December by scouring road funds, the two sides to suspend cooperation.


supply I horse said: "we put tourism products to Amoy Road sales, when trading after the customer to pay them, they will give us monthly settlement costs, but they have a lot of months there is no way to come with us settlement."

inability to pay the reason lies in Amoy road to the user’s subsidies too much".

it is understood that Amoy on the road keen to promote. In April 28, 2014, Amoy road line only 10 days, launched the first big promotion activities, and achieved good results. In the subsequent 6.28, 8.28, during the promotion of the 10.28, have launched a spike and special products. To put up a pageantry burn.


cannot do without the "stride forward singing militant songs" behind the scene. Previously, Amoy on the road from won the red dot ventures and Alibaba A round of financing, and obtained from Softbank Chinese 20 million dollars B round of financing at the end of 2014. So the management background, seems to give adequate pre burn energy Amoy road.

no matter at any time, whether it is the capital of the winter or the capital bubble period, as a responsible person should be more rational to look at the problem, try not to follow suit." Looking back on the past, Chen Wei to I dark horse so summary.

yes, of course

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