How to make the construction site optimization of Shanghai dragon play Butterfly Effect

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navigation design plays a very important role in the entire web page, it is an important carrier of information website. A good navigation can attract Sprider fast crawl, crawl to the other corner of the site so deep, so that web content maximum transmitted to the search engine. In small series, text navigation is the most reasonable, you can use the div+css to replace the traditional design, can also use a unique design to attract users of eyeball. If you really do not want to use, then use a picture, but remember to add a picture of the ALT attribute. Remember, do not use the flash and JavaScript, because the search engine can’t find the hidden URL path. In addition, the entire site especially the total navigation should be used instead of absolute strength of the way, the relative strength of the way. Many site builders in order to facilitate the local test, most of the relative path, but for the weight of the website and search engine grab is unfavorable.


site builders will use the table CSS code, JS code, nested design ", this is not recommended. Because it will not only make the whole page become too long, it will slow down the loading speed, greatly reducing the user experience. The more serious will affect the Sprider crawl, thereby reducing the amount included in the search engine will be content. The construction site should avoid the use of nested table, CSS code, JS code, suitable for Web2.0 div+css to design a page, the title of the site you want to use H1 tags, keywords B tag. At the same time, should also pay attention to the design of density of anchor text and keywords, add the alt attribute for the product picture also will do one of the link to add the title attribute, and advocates the streamlining of standard words. < >

before I was a site builder, later after contact Shanghai dragon I discovered, had before in the construction site in this area is ignorance. Thought I should is a leader in the field of construction site, at least I is relatively good in the surrounding many friends among the station. But after I have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon, I had to take a Shanghai dragon Er identity to have a failed site builder I put forward some suggestions, but also to those who are now engaged in construction site you a reference.

said that if the construction of a website and Shanghai dragon does not take sides, then this is not realistic, otherwise we have to do what the Shanghai dragon er. So, one did not know Shanghai dragon just website builder is absolutely failed. But a qualified website builder must have: Web programming, art visual sense, web content updates, search engine optimization, the comprehensive conditions of website maintenance, promotion of the Shanghai dragon. Most of the site builders have the first two conditions, but behind some rarely will be valued. Then, starting from the angle of Shanghai Longfeng, site builders should avoid what mistake? How to do, and the search engine will "taste" is


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