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renamed Chinese (eName.cn) January 6th hearing, the search is good, users have the final say. Users applauded the search, it is a good search. 360 good search threatened not to do bad things, together with Larry domain haosou贵族宝贝 stage.

was renamed Chinese whois information query, "magic mirror" zhaoyaojing贵族宝贝, "peace of mind share of anxingou贵族宝贝, liangxinyi贵族宝贝, and conscience" Kaleidoscope "wanhuatong贵族宝贝," you talk "suixintan贵族宝贝 domain name had been registered, and" touch word search "mozisou贵族宝贝" domain name, the domain name zhoubianhao贵族宝贝 is around "yesterday was registered.


now, 360 search launched a new brand of "search", its brand philosophy coincide, aims to do better, truly "serving the people", and strive to become Chinese users favorite and trusted brand search. The Larry domain haosou贵族宝贝 than previously so贵族宝贝 is more straightforward, more moral, good search, do not do bad things! This is the origin of good.

good search fortunately where? Seven secret weapon to help mobile phone terminal

: search

360 is a good search, where? 360 good search professional security, prevent fraud, trojan website, more safe, clean search experience for users to search.

search service to the people applauded? Search engine

after 2 years of development, the 360 search launched a search for a good doctor, uncle aunt, with so many users from false medical advertising violations, to avoid the double loss of health and money; the fraud compensation, the search results of tomato reviews and other functions, with the greatest efforts to ensure that the user search is not fooled, the Internet is not deceived even after being cheated 360 to the full amount of losses and other initiatives to win the praise of many users.

360 President Qi Xiangdong believes that the future of the search engine in the mobile phone. A good search launched a mirror and at ease purchase, medicine, word search, touch the conscience, and you talk about the surrounding kaleidoscope and other seven kinds of weapons, fully meet the user in the mobile environment search habits and needs, change the past simple search results to the mobile phone terminal adapter PC search thinking, to create a more convenient, more easy to use "good".

Why is

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