Analysis why do full time for the enterprise of Shanghai dragon effects are not as good as part time

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in fact as my friend said, when I work in the company if the time and try to do less than now is certainly not outsourcing, and is much less; because now he needs to do this in addition to the work, more time to deal with other work, such as technology and other orders the same company outsourcing work, and before the day of normal work he barely opened the car. He told me from the exchange, I can summarize the following main reasons causing a lot of strong than full-time part-time, which I think is worth a lot of people to think deeply.

we all know that in many small businesses, is not particularly clear position limits, not like a big company has a very standardized management system, those in small firms are not. Especially in some traditional industries, the internal management of the company with the production workshop is the same as before, we just call the company in the new era. The above mentioned company is a traditional business, friends told me that he almost pulled the line to do general work and are often sent out to do, I don’t understand is not interested in things. As we test, I believe that the students in the school is the most.

, a division of labor is not clear, resulting in work is not focused.

now many enterprises across the net, many business owners or managers may not understand the Internet, and even some computer or smart mobile phone is a difficult thing. But the Internet numerous successful cases to stimulate their commercial nerve, plus outside speech tell how good their internet.

so regardless of the size of the enterprise, have begun to look for opportunities in the internet. As we all know, the Internet must be in this circle to make yourself more have the opportunity to show his face, and the Internet technology, more and more people pay attention to the promotion and marketing problems. After all, the Internet is dedicated to providing technical services and technology, once this thing to build a platform available can be changed within a relatively long time, and marketing and promotion is the need to pay attention to every day. Shanghai dragon is a relatively cheap way for many enterprises only need to hire a Shanghai Longfeng specialist can solve many problems.

I have a friend in the previous year are full to those small and medium-sized companies to do promotional work, and from the beginning of last year, he himself, because he is born, alone when the main technical, but also provide marketing outsourcing services for small and medium sized enterprises. He recently told me that his previous club said he is not kind, because in the past year the club paid him in the company full-time do the same work, but the result is not the same. Many people may think that he must be done this year as before full wrong, wrong! It really is just the opposite result and the result is, do not outsource full-time part-time, so his employer that he worked in an office before not responsible.

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