Analysis of Shanghai dragon in website ranking is the reason management

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4: high weight station

this is what I have always thought that site can be an important factor of stable rank, the chain is strong and stable, Shanghai Longfeng foreign chain construction have been pursued. Not only can give the site into high weight, but also with an update of the chain drive, site updates. Even if we do not go to the construction of the chain, but because we own such a strong and stable chain, as long as their weight increased, the US net >

3: to

and if a site is updated, the chain is not done, can maintain the existing ranking?, the testing phase (about a month) does not update the article, do not send the chain (including Links, but also is right down the chain, don’t delete), to test network station what do not update, can maintain the existing ranking. Now basically a month later, my "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" the word ranking disappeared (now in the twentieth row), although this result did not reach the expected my idea, but I think it is necessary to view my own share, when it is cast a brick to attract jade.

T-shirt custom: a web site have a strong chain resources after ranking is not how to maintain

(the proportion of personal possession is that the importance of the proportion of


2: powerful stable chain resources

: a competitor (10%)

during this month, many of my friends have expressed their views, expressed their views to those friends, I have to score, after all, share valuable. Here in the first list personally feel that the value of a friend to share views as follows:

The last

xiaowhite: key competitiveness;


two: strong and stable chain resources (25%)


these friends to share, I also agree, summing up the above, is simply:

: if the Duke Wei people talk to you about the same weight, they have to update the chain, you should fall;

chabby: but for the super old station, the weight is very high;

user experience

1: competitors;

about the competitor that, as we all know, if we do not manage their own site, and competitors have been trying to do before the station, although perhaps he is in some respects stronger than the other, but not in the management of this period of time, beyond your competitors, it is not impossible, so this is a a factor.

windowsmx: because after it hits the line up will be higher than other sites, baiD would certainly think it important;

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