Case study modify the effect of the new site title title and description

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Chengdu Shanghai dragon in recent days the content has been updated, but the snapshot is full of snapshots released yesterday in June on the same day, after the snapshot is not released, this afternoon, the station to do some of the content of the update, I am an accident happened, post up second search, just sent out, less than 2 minutes, this is actually a collection of snapshots, also came out. This is a new writer. Have been released in some time before four or five p.m. snapshot of the. I’ll give you see so far today a collection of.


today, for the novice webmaster friends, share a recent practice out of the case, this does not belong to the optimization ranking case, but I believe that many of my friends are still very concerned about. It is the new site in the home page, after modifying the title title, keywords and description, will not cause the snapshot is not updated for a long time, the content of long time not included. This puppet these days do a practice, personally test a. The conclusion is reasonable, will not be too big, so my friends don’t have to worry too much.

this is the author of a snapshot update. Friends may be concerned about a problem, the impact is included to cause, here I will give you share the experience, the author of the website "site:" on that day in July 4th when the displayed number is two, but I actually show only home page, in July 5th, still only included the home page. (I am content before has been added, updated) in 6, released in June some snapshots of the content page, or give you up:


author of the new station just on the line soon, probably in mid June after the new. Do the optimization and design and add some content, but it is still too hasty, not designed the website title and description. About July 4th when my new snapshot finally included:

collected at that time, I saw a snapshot at a time, always think is wrong, not satisfied with the title and description. The heart has been very tangled, the author before practice, a large area was changed the title and description, the consequences of being punished is deep, the direct result is updated snapshot of the time delay, or even a snapshot phenomenon. But the puppet newspaper try attitude, included in the day to do some minor changes, observed until today, did not find what abnormality. From July 4th, No. 5, No. 6 snapshot will be updated. Because of this afternoon about half past five, and update the snapshot, snapshot two days before not enough time to save. I’ll give you a snapshot of today:


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