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recently met a customer consultation, the basic situation is above the store, and no website, customers do the local hairdressing industry, the following questions to the customers through the network search to Tianjin Shanghai dragon, contact me after simple communication, I started for keywords customer industry screening and analysis including the analysis of competitors, customer first ask the price of course, I probably according to the index and search related to including the competition price, the next dialogue let me some difficulty, because this kind of customers to the network really don’t know, the customer’s problem: ranking how to make money? I do the optimization of cost if you do lose money? It has been ranking optimization in that position invariant

this time everyone to chillax, in the premise of optimizing customer acceptance fee, for each customer answers carefully, of course we offer even if the customer does not recognize, or we can not accept the price you can allow customers to contact other peer counseling, this time in 2 days on the phone call, if we offer our customers or to give customers the price is acceptable, so be careful to answer customer questions, ranking up will bring more customers for the display site, customers worry about losing money this optimization problem, we can understand the Shanghai dragon Er, the first type of customer is not the site, so the site of the task also, suggest that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er usually make some friends of their own station, but the station will be better, according to the customer’s choice The structure of industry website design, more in line with the user experience, if the user experience is good in stable, I believe that the customer is ninety percent will earn money. A ranking problem, we have to carefully explain and customers, we need to do maintenance work, needs to be done, not ranking up without management website, need long-term maintenance, also want to speak out the pros and cons of bidding, "


first and this kind of talk about a single customer is relatively difficult, this kind of customer base for the majority of the store or ordinary wholesale and retail industries are generally companies basically have their own businesses, so for this kind of our customers how to convince customers to make him willing to do optimization, to pay for cooperation and we

? .

first class customer: no site and the Shanghai Dragon don’t know

5, I published an article about Shanghai dragon Er talk about some experience alone, they want to talk about a single up many problems, I write second articles about talking about a single article and the Shanghai dragon Er share. Perhaps it is because of the problems in the region or other problems, I find that every local customers in Shanghai Longfeng understanding is not the same, such as Beijing’s customers are more sensitive to the network, and most customers relatively understand Shanghai dragon, also know Shanghai dragon brought him the benefit, but there is a large local customer is still relatively unfamiliar, only know how to use the Ranking Ranking, even benefits are not clear. Go ahead and share the following advantages: 100 network as an individual Shanghai dragon Er how to talk about the two single.

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