A fully understand how to open the new Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon Brigade

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first, to understand the amount of change will change. In writing as an example, from the first sentence to the later and now I am writing to follow, I is a kind of enjoyment, especially in the morning they must be within an hour if the high quality of the original article, without previous bitter years, now don’t such a write quality works before, to write an article to write just half a day, a day one or two is difficult, now an hour for about 800 words. The right is not a problem, what impressed me most is a large number of writing and accumulation, will be in late for their optimization is the key details of the article writing to good bedding effect.

second, the strict requirements of their quality must write the original article. The first step I learned to write, but only write articles is the first step to the next, more stringent requirements must be of high quality original content to write every day, in addition to the content of related business services and products, we need to write some of the quality of Shanghai Longfeng industry articles, to go to a professional platform to share our the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, to enhance their own personal brand in Shanghai Longfeng area, let the industry know our webmaster to establish their own a space for one person in the industry, the process of writing is to process their own optimization ideas and exchange, from many of my friends see my article and I also put forward their own communication, optimization the views and experiences and for some omissions in the friendly we are able to point out, is the industry’s growth For he is undoubtedly the fastest.

third, all the time to study as a fundamental. Every industry needs to learn and practice a lot, I myself from a beginner to >

remember before I engaged in Shanghai dragon or because of chance coincidence, at that time in the company is mainly responsible for the website code optimization is website template site, then his boss is doing optimization, to modify the program requirements are very strict, why to do so, in order to grab web content search engine is very good, I was very curious, said he is willing to go to study optimization, when the company was in charge of editing is very few, so I am responsible for part of the editing tasks, is the main content of writing and template adjustment, do with Shanghai Longfeng competent editorial work, about three months time, I never move from a writing program gradually opened for me the optimization of the road, in addition to supervisor i was under a lot of time to self learning A5 station network, Shanghai dragon search outside, Zac The actual password…… In various forums, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform etc……. In short, in addition to reading is the Internet to learn others optimization method, hard work pays off, Shanghai dragon finally have some way, collected from the original site, the content included direct website rankings late, I through self exploration summed up some of their optimization methods, in a completely unfamiliar Shanghai Longfeng novice start learning Shanghai dragon has some own view from where.

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