How to write the included soft weapon

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in the whole article, the anchor text keywords appear 3~4 the most appropriate.

The third part: 1, if the

fourth: in the last paragraph.


, a title written format: the title + + program website name, it is best to try to bring key words.

belongs to the general department, on the first argument summary, and a summary of the whole article.

The fourth step: the >

keyword in the post.

three is enough. The structure suggested that the total score.

first appear in the title:

The first step of The third step:

: the title of the writing

a little longer title, for example:

three, behind a relevant connection article, enabling customers to stay longer, increasing the chance of ranking.

content of the preparation of

The first part of the

second: in the first section as far as possible in front at

anchor text link

2 is released, the soft Shanghai Longfeng WHY forum in A5 or super famous, the title will have a little generous. Write to the very professional.

in one time

is divided, when we used to write the article, in this subject, the structure can be divided into the argument. Two or three dots, a period is probably about 100 words.


eg: "the title" strategic thinking and construction of small Shanghai dragon team

in the main keywords.

is in the station, try to appear in the title keywords, content related keywords, to introduce the main product name.

I believe that many of my friends and I have encountered such a problem, find the release to each big website every day, at night or on how to below, a month after I constantly sum up, and experienced many failures. In fact, the soft included at all difficult to follow my steps, I believe that you will be successful. We get rid of the tedious steps and professional operation, easy to use.

The second step: the

then the last question, is the problem of placing keywords.

has two key points:

anchor text links on the home page, a can, other links to the anchor text keywords.

The second part:

is: whether to write the product, or technical writing, attention should be paid to you to write this article from the introduction of the direction. Or why do you write this article, form an overall structure of

(soft article) written rules:

two, the content of the beginning and the end as far as possible with keywords, and bold, increase keyword.

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