Analysis and optimization strategy of Taobao mall site guest

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mall is relatively simple, but if the optimization is good, good marketing, then can give the webmaster to bring huge returns, so there are a lot of users are active in the Taobao customer store profits. But because most of the Taobao mall customer are constructed by some of the station program, Taobao and Taobao to provide customer data obtained by the API, when users browse the data and buy the product, so the webmaster can get commission income, so for the Taobao customer sites, in addition to a large number of people come to generate sales the results can make money for yourself.

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off the mall site, it is not only to introduce flow over, that is to say in the rankings just fell in love with the sea, following the conversion of the flow is the key to realize. But we know that Taobao mall guest most of the data are basically pictures of many products is introduced through a variety of beautiful pictures to achieve, and love for the Shanghai search engine but the sensitivity is very low, in this context, how to make your site rankings, when a customer of Taobao mall no traffic, traffic conversion and talk about what

in addition to the Taobao customer shopping mall also need to be appropriately customized, also is to increase user exchange and the discussion board, this is Taobao mall customer better future optimization. Because by increasing the discussion area, the exchange of information to allow users to combine different products, not only can effectively stimulate other users’ desire to buy, but also can bring more information for the site, and these information often contains: how certain brand clothing quality? A mobile phone and a series of price! After the information word, these words are love Shanghai included, often get the accurate flow is relatively high.

passenger main mall has many pictures, so if the site’s bandwidth and speed is not enough, then it is easy to cause the website open speed is slow, so it is easy to affect the user experience, so choose a brand Web space, and enhance the website bandwidth, make a web page open speed control in 6 seconds, so it can effectively improve the scouring.

The construction method of Taobao passenger Because Taobao So for the Taobao

store off such characteristics, we need to make the appropriate optimization of innovative ideas, since Taobao mall guest has a large number of picture information, and the information itself does not affect the user’s aesthetic experience, because these pictures are often taking home after careful design, beauty itself is not bad. So we want to love these pictures can be included in Shanghai, then the first thing is to pay attention to the ALT attribute to these pictures one by one set, and set the content to comply with these pictures reflect the best keywords, including the long tail keywords, such as your sales of a brand clothing, then the ALT attribute for these pictures is to set the brand name clothing plus coat or skirt or trousers, pants, etc. a series of long tail keywords, which helps to love The sea grab and included.

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