Large and medium sized website optimization Shanghai dragon how to do well in the web site

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The information structure of

here to share some wonderful chess ink in large web pages included and skills commonly used method of lifting, expecting to have certain help to everybody. In the process of Shanghai dragon large sites in skills and methods, but also hope that we can have more to share.

where the wonderful chess ink that usually refers to the number of web page content in 100 thousand, unlimited number between sites. Usually in large sites and small sites in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is quite different. Small sites are expected to bring traffic through the individual page and other pages only a few keywords, promote the image and product display and other information and deal with. While the large websites need to get search engine traffic through more pages and a large number of keywords, this intention, web page number included the promotion often is necessary.

The normalization of think the wonderful chess ink in three aspects of information structure needs to be optimized in large-scale web site optimization process

grabbed by the search engine, we also need a reasonable control of our own information, let the search engine grab work to avoid waste, such as to avoid this search engine "

1, information display fluency

at least love Shanghai search engine of irregular URL showed a certain degree of rejection. So the best specification and URL design concise. Many people praised the static URL, this one reason is because the static URL design standardization can make search engine recognition and capture. In fact, there is another reason, is the real static page can be improved in access speed contrast dynamic pages, in large data in large sites under the condition that the speed of this promotion effect is obvious. This will also facilitate the search engines crawl, so as to promote the site included.

in simple terms that web site information through links very smoothly, the search engine can ensure normal crawling between pages. Information from the view of theory of search engine almost cannot be found a link to promote good search engine crawling is very useful.

Large website

, a website content quality

many people see this will start to think this has no value, but I still don’t mind a jiwai. Large web data collection and finishing significantly more than the creation, so many people tend to enter a misunderstanding, that doesn’t pay much attention to the quality of the data and only focus on quantity. In fact, the large sites need more attention to the original information and the first information and its protection. Sounds like this and not included, but in fact the overall data quality also affects the index proportion of search engine, website content quality is website based to improve the proportion of the guarantee.

three, website

2, the information control

two, URL

The importance of

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