On the website of Shanghai dragon money webmaster optimization is successful the next step is how to

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a webmaster how much energy, a person’s day can do many things, time and energy are limited, Zhu Geliang wise, "the Three Stooges can top a Zhu Geliang", after the success of the site to make money what should we do? Is used in the past successful mode in replicate a web site, or to continue on the basis of the original more delicate, as long as it’s a website, understand the point of optimization of knowledge, money is a very easy thing, and now the site more than a few years ago is different, some of the industry even spent a lot of money, please a professional network marketing company promotion are not to make money, no doubt, complacent in previous success, and then from a new copy of a website or to an unfamiliar area, is uncertain, even if successful, in the fierce competition The Internet, at least to pay several times or even several times before the energy to do so, right?


when he sent me this website, I was disappointed to have to start from scratch? Although there are relationship, this website is he used to do industry website unfortunately, advertising and products are two areas, why continue to play in their own areas of expertise? Then the other said the future advertising website I said, this site is ready to do a nationwide, how is so familiar! I also invited some cooperation each other…… I find a reason to go

! ?

many owners are talking about optimization and promotion, talk about user experience, but few people talked about by the way, most of the website are personal care, so has been at a disadvantage in personnel management. Why is there such a situation.

I of this problem also had a strong interest in, because many in the Internet to see on the construction site, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website promotion articles, and what to do when the site after profit, such as little experience! Because of this, I was how to do the next station long, very interested in the topic, also talked about it. The other was silent for a moment, do not send a website to me, I open the link, a strange site, covered in the advertising column

recently and a webmaster chat, one of his website has been on the line for about 3 years, in terms of web design or update, and in the love of Shanghai have a good ranking, but this day can because the site to bring traffic, customer calls, "the best one, one day 6 list", the master said, since this website is doing so well, what is

topic is to start from here, as some of the ways to promote the master said the website promotion way and I’ve seen, "only to" because of their own operating entities, so do online marketing is targeted at first, just try holding the attitude, the result is better than expected. Undoubtedly, the site has reached the purpose of profit, this is many webmaster friends in the pursuit of dreams, once the profit, what to do next

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