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believes this topic many people do not understand, because for a novice care must be ranked, because he felt the only home page will let him know that this site is successful, in fact, for the success of a website is more valuable and more experienced or process. Because a website at home on the first position is basically a successful Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as a person at first, then for this blog, he is not successful? Many people would say that can guarantee a lifetime in the first? I want to say is no one can guarantee that I can when I want to do this word when he at first, because the latter must be worse than I am a person to do, can not obliterate the novice


has been engaged in this line of Shanghai Dragon don’t understand what makes you stick with it, I believe a lot of friends in this line are more impetuous, a few months new thinking into the home, ask you: how to do the old station? A webmaster do stand is not seriously than you a few months you? Thought it was not careful to think over.

as a junior in Shanghai Longfeng personnel, how do you


what feedback: a website ranking? You do for a long time have no effect, or a successful website but no orders.? so what should you do? You go outside the chain of hair really is included? How the title hits better? Which platform chain included content can consider whether text faster? According to extend the length of visit? Whether can increase the content below the recommended content to increase two hop rate? How to get off to the natural flow "

counter attack?  

finally is the suggestions in Shanghai Longfeng this line of friends: good to analyze those things you do in the process, because a station on the 100 stations easily, not necessarily because you always use a method, Shanghai dragon is the only constant change.

2, what Shanghai dragon

summary of what? When you learn the language of your teacher is not always say words you want to summarize what he say? For Shanghai dragon, you need to make a high quality the chain why do today? Or do you write today’s article is the second, you. It is generally the reason? New surface to the eyes, finally lost value.

1, Shanghai dragon the process is more important

of course, I’m not here to say is outside the chain, so that the original article. I feel a friend engaged in Shanghai Longfeng this line needs to summarize and feedback, because of what? Because I said before the break Shanghai dragon is the only constant change, many people think that the Shanghai dragon just outside the chain with the fact that is not Shanghai dragon, if you will only then you go out these don’t say you do Shanghai dragon, because you say these things, I do a training he can just out of college students a week, even better than you.

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