Wang Sicong apologized let aging blush true grassroots entrepreneur is him Xu Xiaoping investment

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graduated from the Foreign Languages Department of Hangzhou Normal University in 1988. He was also a teacher of English and international trade at the Hangzhou Institute of electronic technology in the same year.

Abstract: one day, confused old, looking for Lei Jun drinking. On the table, Lei Jun bluntly asked: "you produce products, you use it?" old face red, because he was wearing Nike, the whole body there is no one customer. Before leaving, Lei Jun said: "blind expansion is the practice of the last century, you should learn millet, user demand oriented, using products to shape word of mouth.".

in the field of Internet banking, it real fund to invest a lot of cases, the Senate voted company has the skill point of financial, securities, De, tiger at Amoy pawnshop, order treasure, PosPal silver leopard cashier system, fire currency network, duo Bao, buy single man, venture capital circles etc..

is simple: Ma is rich and cool.

, founder of Consumer Finance Companies’s Dan Xia, a former vice president of Sequoia Capital, told him early: "I’ll give you the money when you start the business."." I don’t even know what he’s going to do.

Ma Ma third college entrance examination mathematics score is not 5 points, but 89 points, the total score and undergraduate line 5 points, because English is close to full marks, an exception was admitted to Hangzhou Normal University. actually, in those days, it was pretty tough to go to college, and the foreign language was not popular, and English was a scarce ability.

once saw a network survey, now entrepreneurs, 75% of people worship Ma Yun, and the remaining worship Ma Huateng.

Ma Yun’s family background and real life experience is definitely not easy,

in 2016, Ma is a billionaire, entrepreneurial mentor, philanthropist.

we often see on the Internet that failure story Ma success before what mathematics 5 points, a clerk in KFC, sent a takeaway, as a porter, these facts are generally not MLM Gang made out, just to give people a false impression: Diao wire can successful counter attack.

in 1999, founded the first electricity supplier website Alibaba, and served as Ali group CEO, chairman of the board.

until one day, Liu Yanfeng said, "what I’m going to do is what I wanted to do before I went abroad. Now my classmates are doing it, too. I guess I decided to invest in him.". But later, he was still in transition, but now the direction is good.

ofo founder Dai Wei was chairman of the student union of Peking University, he did not start the business, I often invite them to come to my home to chat, we have a very good relationship. Later the ofo project, I want to throw two points, he gave me a little. Therefore, investors to attract entrepreneurs, the surface is to contact feelings, in fact, pull the business.

de and Liu Yanfeng CEO at Stanford University, graduated from MBA, have investment banking and investment fund Orbis North American headquarters work in CICC, looks very handsome, Robin Li called the "Meitu Xiu Xiu" version, but I dare not tell him the same speech.

has been walking in the forefront of the times Ma, never Diao Diao, how come counter attack,

in the past, he has been looking for me to invest, three or four years, he found me five or six times, changed seven or eight business models, but I did not agree. Because there was no good connection between what he was doing and what he had done before, and only this point was the fulcrum for entrepreneurs to move the earth.

, Ma Yun’s father and Malay law, is the fourth, fifth president of the ballad singers Association of Zhejiang province. He has a wide range of political and business relations. Ma Yun is also born in an artistic family and has a good education from a very young age. At the age of 12, Ma began to be interested in English, and he was willing to take the initiative to communicate with foreigners. On the one hand, he improved his English and, more importantly, broadened his horizons.

, but Ma and Ma Huateng really Diao silk counter attack?

The reason for

although Shen Napeng is my good friend, but in order to support entrepreneurs, I am not afraid of offending him. I secretly invested in Hu Dan, and made Shen Napeng furious, and I told him that next time your people started business, I would still support, because Sequoia looking for a good company, and really looking for good people.

Abstract: between people and things, we only see people – entrepreneurs. People are more important than business models. People are more important than market size and people than what is called the direction.


was a good college student when he was a university student and made him a chairman of the student union for four years. He has trained a lot of management experience.

jumei is our star project, on-line in 2009, listed in 2014, the rise is very fast. But Chen Europe was looking for investors when repeatedly hit a wall, many people

1998, as China International Electronic Commerce Center General Manager rich information technology development limited company, have a lot of opportunities for international exchanges.


in 1995, went to the United States, after returning home to establish China’s first Internet business information publishing website: Chinese Yellow pages.

in October 29th, the letter advised fortune 2016 global private asset allocation of stock investment forum, well-known angel investors, fund it real founder Xu Xiaoping details his is how to choose investment projects, this paper according to Xu Xiaoping’s statement finishing.

date, Zhenge fund has invested in 296 projects, accounting for 75% of the 36% Angel round of investment, the project entered the next round of financing, the company had 5.7% "C wheel die" threshold, which also contains the 2 Unicorn enterprises.

1994, founder of Chinese first language translation agency: Haibo translation agency.

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