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I went to the first space where I hadn’t been born yet and chatted with Hu Jianguo about why he wanted the biggest independent music community in the country to walk down the line. In the old villa area of the East pass of Guangzhou, at the end of Qiming Road, the half opened white gate is the entrance of the falling space.

‘s independent music community, launched the Kickstarter, like many times before, and he has always believed that he is willing to rely on the power of his fans to do something. As for fans, of course, they are not just people who like to be caught, but more importantly, they are followers of independent music.

call line space under the support of all articles published in the arrest of above, there are nearly three hundred similar and blood comments: users almost unconditional support this behavior, someone said Hu Jianguo, "we" hello. There are two people wrote more than 100 words reply: not only is the founder of the dream, but also everyone’s dream, I hope the space down to Chengdu, drive to Zhengzhou, open to where I am.

48 hours later, all the chips have been over done: Hu Jianguo set the amount of 1 million yuan, within two days, nearly 1000 people were given nearly 1 million 600 thousand yuan of support.

function, store a total of several areas: a small stage a few square meters, will continue to have the domestic and foreign independent bands in the above show the future; next to a small bar, people can drink and chat here; the balcony outside the room will be changed by reading area, this vision after reading the rest, overlooking the whole Dongshankou villa; one could also have a view of shadow, love music, reading, also.

After the

all chips for exceptionally quiet, not often use the product may have not caught the news. But it has caused quite a bit of shock in the captured community, although the scale is not large.

Hu Jianguo, founder of

it’s located in an old house. It’s not a special central area. It’s quiet around here. If you come by bus, maybe you’ll find a way to get it.

, a music related spiritual corner,

is different from the theme advertisement system for blog. The advertising system of Tianya community integrates enterprise blog and shlf1314 , and Adwords advertisement matching system. To use this system, companies first have to register space and then advertise. Its ads will be displayed on the right side of the relevant bulletin. Show travel ads on the left. Since the subject pin links to the company’s own blog, they can manage user reviews and delete those negative comments.



currently has 20 million registered users in Tianya community. In 2005, it received $2 million 500 thousand in investment from Lenovo Inc.

‘s story about the capture: geeks park before detailing the company and what it’s doing. A year later, Hu Jianguo, the founder, had new ideas. He’s moving the biggest independent music community in the country down the line, and we’re going to have a chat with him. Listen to him and tell him why and how he does it.

According to the

      July 13th afternoon news reported according to "Web2.0" Chinese comments said, one of the most popular community website China — Tianya community launched a new theme of the advertising system Adtopic recently, aimed at raising funds for IPO.

in Hu Jianguo’s vision, the store interior is very exquisite, after all he wanted the store to create a musical temperament has arrested a corner space, musicians, designers, media and so on cultural and creative workers will fall in love with.

arrested founder Hu Jianguo

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