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talked about the future of millet, Lei Jun said that within five years will certainly exceed GREE. He imagined the next year millet can maintain 100% growth in this situation, and last week to accept the Japanese media interview, said 50% to 100% growth for the same words. But the growth is not entirely from the mobile phone millet, millet Lei Jun pointed out two new models: one is the direct integration of third party service, bypassing the App Distribution Service: two hardware is to replace the App hardware to create millet ecological distribution.

: only 5% of personal websites can be commercialized, and only 2% can be successful." Cool sneak network CEO Li Shanyou told reporters. According to CNNIC data, in 2006 the number of domestic personal websites has reached 240 thousand, an increase of 58% in 2005, is expected by 2009, the number will reach 420 thousand, accounting for 25% of the total number of domestic websites.

and CEO Lei Jun, founder of millet technology yesterday received several mainstream media interview, talked about the millet Internet thinking, the future listing of the plan, millet ecological chain and internationalization, and Dong Mingzhu gamble of several subjects, and again responded to the outside world for millet plagiarism criticism.

alliance is the general trend of

in addition, Lei Jun revealed that millet is indeed possible to discuss cooperation with Microsoft, but denied the existence of millet car.

drive China founder Su Yang believes that the rise of personal sites, is the cause of the emergence of a large number of alliances in the last one or two years. Drive China www.driverchina is one of the major drive software download sites in china.

big website has more expansion and bigger strength, and personal website and commercial website, quite complementary. Auspicious network CEO Zhou Jie said that the alliance is an effective way to personal site resources integration.

‘s web portal has become increasingly stable, and the chances of taking the portal path and eventually successful commercialization are getting smaller. "Many personal websites are run by one person and cannot afford to hire a sales person for advertising. The brand and the overall strength of individual websites fundamentally determine that they cannot obtain advertising orders from many large companies." 265 network founder Cai Wensheng told reporters. Where is the way out? This question constantly tortured Su Yang and more small websites.

"with the policy adjustment of the operators, the SP business is gradually fading out from the operation of personal websites. The problem of funds has become a major obstacle to the development of personal websites again." Gao Xinmin, executive vice president of China Internet association, said.

and Lei Jun did more in line with the mainstream media "politically correct" stance, such as hope domestic counterparts in the competition to raise a gun feet, in order to promote industrial progress, together to fight for more overseas markets. Recently, HUAWEI, millet and Meizu around the release of new machine of slobber war lasting, even Lei Jun and Yu Chengdong had a "Navy" loudspeaker.

"the question I’ve been asked most of these two days is how to make websites bigger."." In the days before the third session held in Xiamen China owners meeting, IDG technology venture investment fund partner to Wang told reporters. And the website is bigger, still want to solve the problem of income finally. As the theme of the webmaster conference, "alliance" is a hot topic to solve the problem.

in addition to the spontaneous union redemption between individual websites, in recent years, web sites have also been cited by major e-commerce sites and search sites

Lei Jun also discussed the problem of intellectual property rights, on the one hand denied copying Apple’s statement, "a week with critics suggest, a month or a year again; and on the other hand, some domestic manufacturers complain that Lei Jun millet copycat products, accusing them of the user experience and product quality can not be guaranteed.

I think today’s business environment is one hundred times better than we were 20 years ago, maybe ten thousand times. We didn’t pay you at that time. Financing was difficult…… Today we are talking about investing in the 1990s. Millet and Heshun as the fund, they are encouraged to invest in young people, young people under the age of 30…… The emergence of incubators and angel investors, as well as the attention of governments at all levels to innovation. Of course, some people say that in the bubble period, can not continue to say good.

previously, advertising and SP services were the main source of revenue for personal websites. According to reports, personal website site early, traffic and visibility is relatively small, can not pull advertising. "The way the alliance works is the only opportunity for the webmaster to generate revenue." Su Yang said.

as China’s IT industry’s first batch of entrepreneurs and angel investors, Lei Jun for the current entrepreneurial environment issued his views:

265 network founder Cai Wensheng said that the way the site alliance helps to solve the problem of personal website development funds.

Lei Jun revealed most of the information in the interview is that we have heard a lot of times, for example, millet is not listed within five years, MIUI from the bottom of the system to connect services and people. It’s just that people’s daily and CCTV viewers can hear it more clearly. For example, "MIUI has millions of overseas users" translated into "MIUI is a well-known overseas product."".


"advertising alliance for thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers." Hu Yanping, director of the Association for the exchange of Internet Development Center at the meeting, said that the web site represents a future development of the Internet form, and this form of development, but it is nearly two years.

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