My master earns 3000 yuan a day of actual combat experienceHuang Taiji’s valuation of 1 billion 200

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lack of independent thinking ability is the failure of our education, blindly follow the trend or listen to authority is personal sorrow.


is a master at his old geek, :55630 knew that his origin is not simple, according to him, play computer for 14 years, is the old web designer, he said the design site has more than 8 years, SEO optimization of the past two years, I followed him only less than a year the time.


with five warehouse founder, Mr. Pan Dingguo, the chief officer is a fan of like-minded comrades. he has been questioned all the time, and I always support him, not solely because of feelings, but because I know what he is going to do.

as a new media, new economic observer and practitioner, I is not no reason to discredit him touted Huang Taiji, also not parrot.

the market economy of our country is developing from a shortage of planned economy.

is my last year and I master a piece of it, when he is engaged in the site www.okcome, the domain name is registered in June 15th 08, the master of the practice is the specialized sales network marketing software to crack, as long as the network with mass promotion and related software, he went to collect finishing, and then provided to members download and use, and to engage in a software download site, this software download station is indeed quite out of the ordinary, humanization, no wonder then I saw a lot of people are in imitation of this software product, want to know what station is? Oh, tell you, my girlfriend is a master this domain name. Did you see a very intuitive download station,

so today I will use the market economy and the mobile Internet economy to analyze the difference, Huang how to let investors crazy?.

reading: lack of independent thinking ability is the failure of our education, blindly follow the trend or listen to authority is personal sorrow. Over the past thirty years, China has grown savagely in a semi market economy. In addition to a small number of enterprises, the overwhelming majority of them are relying on resources to seize the market position.

results 90% feedback is what you say, or ask for answers, or conspiracy theories.

‘s 70-80: grab the cloth, rice oil, grab supplies. Then there is a product called cloth tickets, food stamps.

yesterday I in several WeChat group launched the topic: why Huang Taiji can in such a short time to such a high valuation, investors are crazy? Talk about

Master said, to do business on the network, reputation is the most important, must not deceive customers. Because credibility will allow you to get the respect of customers, will make more friends, will let you sell more confidence and confidence. Even better sites, and then good means of promotion, lost credibility, sooner or later will be closed down.

the day before yesterday, I saw a news that Huang Taiji latest valuation of 1 billion 200 million yuan, and took a round of financing.


said the master, to sell things on the network, first of all, must be their own things to be very far enough to attract and impress others, others will be willing to risk money to us, otherwise, a good marketing strategy, good promotion, cheat you forever do not. Is that money is not absolutely safe.

money, he promised to write again about his experience to share sales network Wangzhuan, friends.

well, not long winded, so.

so it’s a word all the way: grab!

master is more low-key, but very forthright, and he has dealt with people are praised his integrity.

he has been sharing with me, let me seriously think about what is the difference between the mobile Internet economy and the traditional economy, and this is the key to our grasp of the times change opportunities in the next ten years.

in the first month of income, very shy, only 3000 pieces, the master said, this is normal, is considered a good start, second months, with the income of 8000 yuan, the master said, the challenge has just begun, during that time, we do SEO optimization, update the content, write the mass content mass, really quite hard but also very interested.


80-90: grab appliances, one can buy color TV, refrigerator tickets can be sold to 500-10>


Huang Taiji has been scolded all the way to the present, everyone said nothing more than his pancake fruit is not good, the boss like limelight, do not make pancakes, but busy talking about aliens. Questioned his financing amount, questioned his model.

said: "on the Internet, as long as there is good things, as long as your good things will be known to others, you can make money through the Internet.". He said the most critical part of sales is the product, followed by the method.

over the past thirty years, China has been growing wild in a semi market economy. We look at people who have developed well around us, or have a look at the wealth rankings. In addition to a small number of enterprises, the overwhelming majority are relying on resources to seize the market position.

so, what I write here is only for my personal thinking, you can make different opinions, or you can say I’m talking nonsense, because you can try to talk nonsense, as long as you can justify yourself.


master is very low-key, never said he is a master, but I have always admired him. His website less than a month, sh419 has been included more than 500 pages, the first shlf1314 update on the PR2, and many keywords have been included in the search engine’s first page.

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