The UC subscription number starts the W quantum program and will invest 1 billion fund to encourage

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UC also added a short video, fine depth, narrow vertical platform content is the important content, related works are more likely to get attention and realized, UC also tries to let the media get fairer more opportunities in different areas.

so we have to move on.

local station, the advantage is obvious. Resources, material, just around us. Moreover, the general people have fellow villagers, home feelings inside. In the major forums, we often see, some people looking for fellow posts. So, local websites are cohesive, and users turn back. Moreover, the understanding of their hometown, it is not difficult to sit up, but also often engage in some offline activities, and increase the popularity of the site. If you have the ability to work with some local Internet cafes, companies and other mutually beneficial cooperation, why not?

, according to UC, as long as one of the following three conditions, and the last 30 days without violation of the content, you can participate in the bonus contest. Three conditions are: 1. Open UC subscription number is greater than or equal to 15 days and nearly 30 days "has recommended" content more than 20 articles; the "original" has opened the protection function; the total of more than 1000 fans.


as a result of the vast land of the motherland, the formation of various provinces and cities, regions. Customs and styles vary from region to region. Therefore, it has advantages and a good prospect to be a local station with local characteristics. 163 you have money, you do big, we have no money, we will do local station, do him fine, do well. Still rich,

, according to Chen Chao, general manager of Alibaba Entertainment Group UC, said: "quantum" means that every quantum energy will be taken seriously, and the creative value of each person from the media should also be honored. Chen Chao believes that the subsidy program compared to other content platform, the main characteristics of W+ quantum plan is more open to participate in the total number of incentives to support, not a limit; winners monthly update ranking selection, good liquidity; quality award from the media accounts of the chance of gold is more abundant. In addition, the award-winning author will also have the opportunity to win a series of supporting services provided by Cloud View UC awards, including in industry heavyweight awards, account equity upgrade, enabling priority beta, VIP, branding and other personal invitation code.

on the Internet, all kinds of websites, hundreds of millions of websites. As large as 163, Sina and other portals, small to hao123 and other navigation sites. It involves all aspects of people’s lives. There are shopping websites, game websites, news websites, dating websites and so on. Where there is demand, there is market.

yes, you have the money, the ability to make a website, we have no money, no ability. But can do small station, local station,

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for example: Urumqi game forum is a good local game forum, because Urumqi is located in the underdeveloped areas of the country, fewer people, and the network is not very developed. I think the webmaster is likely to watch the future prospects, so we can engage in such a forum, I checked it in sh419, Xinjiang still have a range of such local forum, can be said to be a good time for

selection method is mainly based on the subscription number star rating mechanism, a comprehensive evaluation of the subscription account number "creative activity", "user acceptance" and "quality content", "operation of health" four dimensions, excellent operating conditions, will have a chance to win. Under the four dimensions, scoring mechanism also subdivides more than 10 scoring rules, not only inspects the flow, but also comprehensive inspection whether the content is good, whether it is original, whether it is vertical, and whether it is welcomed by users and other factors.


‘s website is now near saturation, and there are plenty of them. The Internet has left us less room to play.


technology news Sun Hongchao December 1st news, UC today announced the launch of UC subscription "W+" quantum plan and investment of 1 billion yuan of special funds of provincial, with the creation of bonuses, advertising into two forms to support to the platform subscription number, total number of uncapped. In each month, excellent creators will receive "10000 yuan creative bonus". Based on star rating, the creator has the opportunity to get up to 3 times as much advertising as possible.

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