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: if I don’t work, just enjoy life, then I won’t feel happy,


from the primary school grade four only to see the lights, and to BAT Internet chiefs sit together to drink coffee, talk about cooperation; from rural left behind children, to lead the world’s top 500 enterprises continued voyage. 30 years, Liu Qiangdong experienced what he did exactly what the force? From the challenges to return home, Liu Qiangdong walked through what twists and turns? Facing employees, teachers, folks, he has a heart and feelings about


Liu Qiangdong: I was in grade four in elementary school, and took my village kids to the town for the first time. There was no electricity in the town before. I ran into the commune of the town government. I sat at the door and watched the light bulb so bright. I was completely shocked. I thought it was incredible. It was too high.

Liu Qiangdong’s home town of Suqian was once the poorest part of Northern Jiangsu province. When I was a child, my parents went out for a year, and Liu Qiangdong and my sister were taken care of in the grandmother’s home. Because grandma didn’t know the word, the school became the only source of knowledge for young Liu Qiangdong. This allowed him to develop the habit of working harder than others, and this habit was always associated with Liu Qiangdong. For more than 10 years, as long as people in Beijing, he will participate in the company’s regular meeting at eight in the morning, never absent, not late.

Tencent news on February 10th evening, CCTV "meet big coffee" column broadcast the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong micro-blog interview the second part, Liu Qiangdong talked about personal growth and entrepreneurial experience. He admitted that, for his dedicated career, will pay more than ordinary people more efforts.



1999 Liu Qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong: I will work harder than others, because my father told me, as long as more than others to flow a drop of sweat, you more than others a chance, since I can flow countless sweat more than you, not much flow 1 drops, 10 drops, 100 drops, so I am confident that I can succeed, can be more than you.

with some time ago sh419 K Amoy large-scale API type station, which had already large single product promotion in a huge crowd. The huge crowds mean to promote strong competition, do station almost 99% of the owners are not making money, real money is only a small portion. Taobao, is an important part of how to choose the Taobao customer products, this step determines your station "income". In other words, the product is well chosen and the same traffic quality will probably make more than other products. However, a simple copy seems to become a webmaster paints, see what others, promotion but others may rush on like a swarm of hornets, the product because of the improper selection may have no profit. And as a latecomer, can you still get a slice of it,


2, the second step: promotion of proportion this is a new concept, it is within 30 days by guest promotion products total sales ratio. High proportion, indicating that the conversion rate is high, it is worth promoting; low proportion, indicating that the product mainly sold through the seller’s own propaganda, or that the seller Cheats this can be found on the Internet. In this screenshot, painting part of individual red is not worth the promotion, "poetry beauty products this month sold 8179}, actually only 80 are sold by Taobao customers, accounting for 0.98%, do you believe? At least I don’t believe, sometimes see some slimming products list, all the products on the list I saw after the promotion," laugh ".

1984, the 20 year old Ma Yun micro-blog in Hangzhou, West Lake, and the opportunity to talk with foreigners, have a good English, and start a business in the university campus; 16 year old Robin Li has been awarded the national youth competition in computer prodigy; 13 year old Ma Huateng micro-blog are in junior high school, just moved to Shenzhen, he soon had his own personal computer; and in that year, the 10 year old Liu Qiangdong, for the first time to see the light and full of excitement.

himself has been a Taobao customer for nearly 4 months, and I dare not say I have made any money, but at least I haven’t lost any money. Do Taobao guest this line also accumulated a little bit of experience, and now share it out, for your reference only. Here, for example, you want to promote weight loss products. Before the promotion, you certainly need to know how many Taobao slimming products on sale, how to check?"……. But this does not cover all the weight loss products, my method is sh419 or shlf1314 search "slimming products list", because this list is generally Amoy promotion station, and then a little each site, look at what is the promotion, I usually see the search page page second. In this case, I believe that 98% of the weight loss products have been found.


below is "meet big coffee" excerpt

poor: 10 years old, the first time to see the lights, was completely shocked,

look at my analysis sheet first, list a series of parameters into the Excel table, and then sift through them.

then we need to analyze these products one by one and analyze which weight-loss products are worth promoting and which ones are not. Before I had an article in A5, "Taobao customers single product promotion, how to choose", interested friends can go soso. Today, mainly for second points, part of the supplement, I hope to give you a little guidance.

1, step 1: commission rate select only 40% or more commission products

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