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, but in a place, a lot of competition is very tragic, because there is no technical barriers, that is, fight prices, spell service, and finally can only fight burn money. China replication ability is very strong, the real innovation is not strong, once the copy, excess capacity is rapidly, fight cost, price, or the upstream and downstream industry chain desperate, or finally forced to cut corners, unable to form the high-end products and services, it is easy to form the problem.

this thing, I had already forgotten, for this kind of words of "rogue", has been flattering, but Tucao, what we can’t do things. Until I see the WeChat public account a large circle of friends V, forwarding the "Internet vision" copy article, let me wash the draft increasingly feel shameful, because even V they can be done to the general reader.

if you just reprint the original article, and some people will ask for authorization and signature, for this I do not mind, the new media era, good content long legs, >

soon after, the WeChat team replied again: "copying the complaint did not pass.". The reason is that the evidence I submitted does not prove that it constitutes plagiarism".

relative to plagiarism, the draft is the content of entrepreneurship, and even new media industry cancer.

someone wants to do a shared electric bike and ask me if it’s an air outlet". I say, first of all, you have to figure out what your relative strengths are, or you’ll look like a new model, but you don’t really have any innovation. Bicycles really solve many problems that can not be solved by people. They are widely used and can quickly be turned into business models. This is particularly good idea, but there is no technical threshold, to a great extent, is the team’s rapid implementation and initial starting point, can not form a competitive leading enterprises. The difference is that people do bicycles, you do electric cars, this is chaos follow suit.

Abstract: the original person spends a day or even a week, and "wash the manuscript" takes an hour for himself, and thinks it is sad.

a few days ago, I received a confirmation from the WeChat WeChat team "message: the number of public complaints is the plagiarism confirmation, a reader report my blog" Liu Yan who live China swept into direct business sellers, the next opportunity has no suspense "by another WeChat public account copied, renamed for" two hours to sell 10000 lipstick, "Red Net +" in 2016 the largest venture "I need to confirm the outlet, initiated a complaint.

if it is manual review, it is easy to see, this article is sure to wash the manuscript is plagiarism, say good point is "pseudo original."". The original WeChat can bypass the protection mechanism, not to be identified, probably is a recidivist, so often "wash draft, WeChat know the rules, then wash the rule oriented release, no scruples: you have nothing to report a bird.

China capital >

emerging application project alert chaos follow the trend of

opens this article and looks at 90% of the content, copying the author’s own article, but with a bit of other content probably its original, possibly copied from other homes. In the words of his wife, this guy is in the wash.

Abstract: when you hold the hands of the capital, to be aware of, for the quality of the social wealth you want to maximize the interests of capital and labor for highly crystalline, you want to play a positive role in the most effective, this is the mission of investors and feelings.

see this, I did not hesitate to initiate a complaint confirmation. However, the WeChat team soon replied: "copying the complaint does not pass.".


therefore, this new and applied project has no technical threshold. When we come in swarms, we should be careful. Even if the burn also need to find a good card, quickly burned to form the competition threshold, all died only you still alive, to let investors throw money firmly, let rivals fear.

, I think this should be the WeChat team using a technology similar to the paper control system, and comparing it, I think the article didn’t copy me. I again launched plagiarism, in the "complaints reasons" clearly marked the number of "wash the manuscript" behavior.

my article finally failed to protect the rights of success, but still thank the first to launch a report of the reader, thank you for your original content attention. However, most of them can not see two articles at the same time, and when they see it, they do not necessarily remember to report it. Even if they report it, they are useless. It is really sad.

is particularly vulnerable in China to this type of application company, such as medicine and the early IT industry. Such application model is often broad market, the previous step on the right up quickly, second, third is also possible to do. In particular, the application of a high degree of correlation with the region, and quickly pull a pile of people dry, there may be a chance. OFO, for example, did so in Beijing, and in other parts of Shanghai, they quickly moved up, forming a warlord regime, and then merged or annexed each other.

Three, forty years of reform and opening up to

an industry / enterprise capital accumulation is prone to problems

, good people, Chinese legendary story in the business circle eulogized by everyone, entrepreneurs have become a national hero, a large number of media has been staring at the. This poses a problem: once the business field is a new, good business model, the media will be rapidly enlarged to some extent, even from the enterprise itself and the influence of market growth itself propaganda force, was social forces piled up. Otherwise, a company wants the country to know how much market costs it needs, but it is not necessarily great. As a result, there are more than N investors talking about these companies on various occasions, which are particularly easy to form bubbles.

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