Groupon growth track why fall from the altar of mortalssmall guess defeat began to guess the outcome

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in the development of a series of electronic greeting cards in the process I was thinking: how to shape image can more popular? I selected four themes in many ideas, including the Q version of the three themes of my brother’s proposal, and then for the different people are developing. At that time, a group of students in Guangzhou Academy of art were making electronic greeting cards for us, and I picked one of them for the theme of the three kingdoms. In the process of development, my requirements are constantly changing upgrade, and slowly developed content more than an electronic card can bear the scope, unwittingly formed more than a minute network animation.

two, "Three Kingdoms" hot – from the Internet company into animation company

on November 28th, foreign media quoted sources familiar with the matter as saying that several Groupon directors were seriously discussing major changes to the company’s top executives, including the replacement of Mason, the CEO.

in 2000, Chen Jun founded a Flash animation company – ShowGood, his "Big Three Kingdoms", created a brilliant era of Flash animation, but also to the Q version of the Three Kingdoms culture to the mainstream vision. But since then, the company has not been very good development, experienced a variety of, Chen Jun once again on the road, embarked on a combination of hardware and software road of early childhood education. This article from the titanium media, I dark horse to share this article, we hope to help.

"the Point" is a collaborative open platform, the collective power to solve those difficult individual problems, to help people to participate in demonstrations, protests and strikes and other social activities, the company was 4, 5 people. But it wasn’t long before Mason and Leif koves Ki found shopping

‘s finished work is posted on the company’s website, and feedback is coming soon. The most popular is the Three Kingdoms series, taking into account

I’m Chen Jun, a native of Hongkong for more than 10 years. In 2000, I founded the first Flash animation company in China – ShowGood. In 2005, I left for a variety of reasons. Now I have created a treasure. From ShowGood to Bao Bao, I would like to share my experience with you. I hope I can give some inspiration to some of my partners who are now on the road to entrepreneurship. I also hope that Bao Bao will get your support.

in 1999, the Internet economy sweeping the world, one of the American Lanshan electronic card company is very popular, on their web site, users can send each other beautifully designed e-card. This form of interaction information makes a pass ten, ten pass 100, global communication, is absolutely viral, fast and furious. I think, if I can in the electronic greeting card design series of figures by the amount of transmission, so as to attract enough eyeballs to gather a certain visibility, like Disney in the animated character, the formation of a brand, this is undoubtedly a huge business prospects.


Groupon, in the end is a kind of company? Tencent technology its development course is reviewed, hoping to find a trace of the "from high growth to decline" is emerging from its growth trajectory.

in 1996, when I was in my friend’s home for the first time, I felt the magic could change the world, and I wanted to be part of the Internet and become part of it.

be any worse than that? In November 9th, Groupon’s net loss of $3 million in the third quarter was zero per share, a performance that was less than analysts had expected of 3 cents per share. The next day, the company’s share price plummeted 17% to $2.8 – a figure that fell by more than 80% compared to a $20 opening a year ago.


predecessor – "the Point" early 2007, -2008, November

so in 2000, I came to Guangzhou to set up an Internet card company, hoping to have my own Mickey Mouse one day".

in the listing time, "Forbes" also described it as "one of the world’s fastest growing company" – has created an annual growth rate of 2241%, rejected shlf1314 micro-blog $6 billion acquisition, established only 3 years of successful nasdaq. Who would have thought that only a year on the market, this former high sitting altar of Groupon, was heavily landed on the ground.

"for me, a creative person, I used to have some better ideas, much cooler than Groupon."." If Andrew Meson, the founder of Groupon, remembers what he once said, "now, unfortunately," he said, he might have the opportunity to achieve "better than Groupon" ideas".

I believe that the Internet will change the world – ShowGood

to talk about the beginning of the company’s story, we have to start with the protagonist – Andrew Mason. He at the age of 15 in his hometown of Pittsburgh bought a donut, music in the United States while studying at the Northwestern University, then a studio in Chicago, but he later found himself more adept at computer programming, and began to live. By 2006, he switched to his interest, enrolled in graduate school at the school of public policy at University of Chicago, and began experimenting with the creation of the Internet Co. 3 months after admission, has a wealth of business experience in the Eric Levkovskiy Eric Lefkofsky has provided $1 million to him, with Mason’s ideas, in early 07 to create a website called "the Point".

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