7 years of entrepreneurial road said the beauty of frustration and fate

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half a month ago, Jiayuan and Lily network merger, at that time I had only


a month later, in 2016 was just the beginning of the eleventh day, beautiful and mogujie.com officially announced the merger, the form is mogujie.com M & a beautiful said. This not only confirms my previous assertion, but also will have to look forward to a long time before the beautiful IPO dream draw a full stop.

the merger, let Xu Xi endless emotion. This once let me have a kind of feeling – in the entrepreneurial circles in this arena, a lot of things, really is the fate of the general. Often, when you make a decision, everything is doomed.

is so beautiful to say.


2009, Xu Yirong in his "zhuaxia" sold to watercress, pulling a small team, in a small room in Wudaokou Huaqingjiayuan a Sanshiyiting, opened his second venture.

at that time, the business is said to be the birth of Idea, began in the Wudaokou area that is close to work every day is filled on both sides of the road, sells women jewelry and clothing of the brightly coloured roadside stalls, and always around those young girls stand there.

on the Internet in 2009, almost is in a period of prosperity thriving, "the line of actual existence scene move to line up" is just the stage of entrepreneurship and mainstream product ideas.

When the electric business

, although Taobao such a huge monster, but closer to Taobao and a large market if Nothing needed is lacking. Everything is contained therein., to find a real online and Taobao can control and set up the scene, the old new year before the "temple fair" should be more appropriate.

Although the

temple Everything is contained therein. lost, but also some unique atmosphere, in contrast, a roadside stall in Wudaokou, feeling will be different, it only for the young girls who are open, only the sale price, but it won’t be too high in women’s apparel, and, in this market, not just the girls around the sun, but also can also chat and recommend to others better dress collocation scheme.

in a certain dimension, the two are not mutually exclusive, but more complementary.

as the girls were both large and all of the temple.

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