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enterprise marketing means, in addition to entertainment marketing, sports marketing is also an important choice, many domestic enterprises are very importance to sports marketing. For example, Alibaba Title Club World Cup 8 years, but also at large to become the TOP sponsor of the International Olympic Organizing Committee; Wanda Group to become the top partner of FIFA, has sponsored the four world cup.


it is understood that the vivo and FIFA cooperation cycle for 2017-2022 years, including the 2017 Confederations Cup, the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the 2021 Confederations Cup, 2022 Qatar world cup.

recently, vivo suddenly to invest heavily in sports marketing, is undoubtedly a new situation in the entertainment marketing played under the idea of head broken and bleeding. But everyone will be marketing, the marketing factors also play a big role in mobile phone competition? And, from the first quarter of this year and in April of this year’s data, vivo growth has slowed, lack of stamina. From entertainment marketing to brand new sports marketing, can it be immediate?

four. Always skeptical and unable to accept other people’s ideas,

one. Lack of commercial insight,

three. Lack of open-minded attitude towards learning,

other people’s methods and ideas have merit, so we should not be skeptical, do not recognize other people’s ideas. Once you have a doubt, you don’t want to try because you are afraid of failure. In fact, failure is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that you are afraid of failure.

modesty helps one to go forward, conceit makes one lag behind. As a webmaster, must have an attitude of learning with an open mind. Because of the rapid changes in Internet information, you will soon fall behind without studying. Among them, learning not only includes the study of ideas, but also the learning of skills. Only when two people study together can we make progress together. What kind of thinking determines what kind of outlet, not because of lack of a certain skills, and become a stumbling block to your success.

doesn’t always work. No, you can’t do it. No matter whether you fail or not after trying, you can always accumulate a lot of experience and lessons in the process. For those who don’t like to try and perform poorly

sports marketing mobile phone manufacturers new favorite

we are looking for information, when looking at the article, should learn to dig useful information, is not soft Wen is not important. What’s important is whether it can give you valuable information. Other people’s way of making money, money making ideas are of significance, you can according to other people’s ideas, and then divergent or improved, may develop a new method, new skills. That’s what it takes to learn from other people’s ideas.

two. Not good at mining opportunities, do not understand the use of other people’s ideas

many webmaster to black brother reflect, the site has no flow, the site has no money, very worried. The little black brother through observation and Analysis on the part of people, found that this part of the webmaster is not because there is no technology, no experience, many owners have little proficiency in a particular line but always can’t earn money, or earn. The basic reason for not making money is poor thinking and bad thinking style. Little brother suggested that this part of people should learn to analyze themselves, through analysis to find their own problems, and then try to correct it, I believe you will soon out of the ranks of poor webmaster.

by contrast, vivo’s investment in sports marketing is no less than HUAWEI, OPPO and other manufacturers. The vivo and FIFA cooperation seems to have smashed the 100 million U. S. dollars, but in fact it is a higher cost performance of the investment. Because vivo scored a 8 year, after two World Cup cooperation, during which to experience a large number of decimal 64 games. So, vivo hit the money

Nubia sponsors super Suning

below, black elder brother one analysis of some of the poor webmaster thinking, style,

five. Don’t like to try, poor execution,

vivo the $100 million worth of sports marketing, exactly what changes can bring vivo? In fact, help vivo to enhance brand awareness is obviously, but can change, product sales promotion and other aspects of the market and how to make a contribution, can only say: desire is good, the reality is very cruel.

, OPPO and vivo last year’s rapid jump red has two magic weapons: first, offline channels, and two is crazy marketing. This makes all mobile phone manufacturers in marketing have overweight. Rob stars, grab entertainment programs, grab TV film implants, marketing costs are getting higher and higher, and most manufacturers of marketing has become featureless.

see you online in a way to make money, a money making idea, or think of an idea to make money, you should have the ability to distinguish certain, this method is feasible, whether promising, whether can make money. Learn to look at every profitable project with a business eye. Not because there is a negative article in the advertising value, should learn to extract the information of commercial value. As a webmaster, the lack of commercial vision is very sad, but also doomed this part of the people can not get rid of the fate of poor master.

now, not only traditional enterprises and Internet giants in sports marketing a lot of investment, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have also got together sports marketing. HUAWEI sponsored the Serie A AC Milan, Arsenal, also signed the famous star Messi; Jiangsu Suning Nubian sponsored the super team, won the C Ronaldo brand image; OPPO become Barcelona official partner, to launch customized products, but also won the India national cricket team 5 years of sponsorship……


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