VC no longer hide how to talk to the start up team about the reasons for the failure of financingYiw

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students on duty send the goods overnight.

the classroom is like a grocery store.

these college born 90 "network small traders", zero foundation, low-cost, many people have become millionaires. In recent years, unconsciously moved to Yiwu local real traders in the electronic commerce, in Qingyan Liu village as the representative of the "Taobao village" is one of them. Villagers + students, the miracle of e-commerce writing.

will have a dilemma at this point: how do you want to talk to the founder if you’re running out of a company because of a team problem?

, too, in the process, I found the golden rule of VC in choosing startups – they basically looked at entrepreneurial teams. Every time we watch a team project show, we’ll take some time to discuss it right away. Most of the discussion is about the team, and then we’ll talk about the product and the market. But in fact, what we’re talking about is that we don’t like the founder, maybe more subtle than you think:

a lot of VC will say, they choose a company, the actual value of the company’s entrepreneurial team. They didn’t lie when they said this. But they never talked about the fact that when they eliminated a company, it was also because of the entrepreneurial team.

so, after I made the VC myself, I was determined to change that. I will respond to all those who sell to me, and I will give clear, brief reasons if I finally eliminate them. Although I can’t give them money, I will suggest other ways to help them. And I’m not talking in the mouth, I really think so.

the classroom is like a grocery store.

did you see that? He’s very vague when discussing this particular topic. It seems that there are still a lot of questions wavering,

Taobao class is rich, the two generation or poor students,

Shi Haojie, male, Henan Anyang people, born in June 1990, now retsing chairman of science and technology, set up branch offices in Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places, has a staff of 12 people, has 5 patents, the annual turnover of over 10 million yuan……

a Taobao store, open enrollment class allows orders, Taobao performance instead of credits, Yiwu Business School entrepreneurship class called "Taobao class", in June this year, the first student entrepreneurship classes officially graduated from school. In October 8th, the new freshmen just finished military training and completed the registration of Taobao shop. The teacher began to instruct the freshmen to decorate the shop. This "Taobao class" from the beginning of the creation of eye-catching, but also controversial, from novel educational concepts and methods, to the students’ rising performance income.

I mean, haven’t you noticed that most of the early start-up companies are aiming VC talked about the importance of entrepreneurial team, but they never say they actually out of a company, but also because of this reason. Can’t you see what’s wrong with it,

Dong Sisi, female, Zhejiang Yiwu people, born in November 1991, now the chairman of Yiwu wave Electronics Limited company, operating a Taobao mall stores, hired 8 employees, monthly turnover of 500 thousand yuan……

did you see him fidgeting on the chair while answering this question?


sophomore semester that winter, he should season from the Yiwu trade city into a group of cartoon cotton slippers, sold well, decided to start selling slippers only. The choice of product association degree is high, we should do a piece of product well

text / reporter Yang Yangtu / reporter Mo Weinong

after 90 network vendors how to enter millions of


, they are all just graduated from the first class of Yiwu Business School entrepreneurship class, these seniors elder sister’s story, for students here are familiar with, Ye Yongwei is no exception.

then, we decided that we were not going to throw money into the team, and then we were going to tell the founders that we had eliminated them.

Ye Yongwei is junior this year. He is from Zhejiang rural area. He was born in 1991. High school grades are not bad, but they didn’t take two, and three didn’t want to". In the opposition of his family, he chose Yiwu business school, ready to start his own business.

Yiwu vocational college specialized training "network vendors" surrounding the village occasion to develop e-commerce into the "Taobao village"

he seems to be in despair. He must have lost confidence in the whole business.

he seems a little excited, the whole financing process must have made him a little tired.



why is that so? I decided to take a risk myself. I told a number of founders

before I became VC, I was an early entrepreneur myself. So, I know how much time and effort we need to spend before we do the project and the vision of the company, and I also know that an early start-up company is like the founder’s own child. So I am very clear, when you try to get the favor of the VC but the end of a busy, and they do not give you a definite reply, don’t tell you what they think, don’t tell you why you refused the team, what kind of feeling stuck.

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