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1973, Zhang Ying was born in Shanghai to an intellectual family, mother is a Tsinghua student. However, just before he was born, his father went to the Xinjiang Army Corps as a military surgeon, while his mother stayed in a pharmaceutical factory in Shandong, Tai’an. Until the age of Zhang Ying’s primary school, the family finally reunited in Anhui, Ma’anshan, and for the next 7 years, Zhang Ying completed primary and junior high school education in Ma’anshan.

he speaks frankly, once offended many insiders, but still do not change their nature. He is an entrepreneur in the eyes of many entrepreneurs, achievements themselves, but also achievements of countless people’s wonderful life, but always said that "70%" is hit by Dayun, 30% is the ability". He is Zhang Ying, founding partner of Jingwei china.

? Zhang Ying head a turn, he thought of his mathematical advantage. Since then, every time the math test, he was surrounded by a few tall old black, old beauty can always get some benefits". A semester, Zhang Ying has had four or five old black, Latin American buddies, the high school for three years since The world is at peace. Well intentioned is the exchange, how to treat others, others will treat you".

second step: know what ways to make money online. You have to know where the money comes from making money online.

click into place!

soon, a new colleague came from the Department and opened an East German era. Although that man is poor, poor, horizontal, and who do not love to respond, but it is good to have a relationship with Zhang Ying. Later, the two simply shared a house, every day mixed together.

third step: learn how to build a web site. It’s not as difficult as you think. You don’t need to have any technical foundation. You can start from scratch. Don’t go to study what the Three Musketeers network software and so on start, there are many open source applications such as ZBLOG, WP, DEDE and so on, a program as long as you study them, how to install and use it. Learn some basic network concepts, such as domain names and spaces. And these, in fact, if you seriously study, 1 to 2 months, will be more familiar with.

has just started, thin weak Zhang Ying were quick to repair a few group of students, even some classmates in Taiwan before he dare Bibi delimit, say the old black big and strong.

okay, >

my answer is divided into the following steps.


fourth step: with your own web site, then you have to learn how to make your website more people to browse. Because making money through the web, the prerequisite is that you have to let as many people as possible come to your site. There are many ways. But here I suggest other methods are not to learn, and go to learn SEO. SEO is able to give you a good way to bring visitors to the website, many other methods are often seemingly simple, but for the novice network, but more to do well, because it requires a lot of experience and understanding of the network. This is one of my experience.

After graduating from college in 1995, Zhang Ying sought a position at the school of neuroscience in

this article is written to just want to make money online, but do not know to be utterly ignorant of, where to start, do not know how to start from zero to enter the field of friends, hope you have a little help. I came to his own experience that if you are to make money at home is very interested, but what do not understand, do not know how to improve yourself, do not know where to start learning, can be said to be thinking of a mess, so this post should be of help to you, perhaps you can make

, mainly in cancer analysis. His daily work is to refine cells, draw blood, extract blood, refine DNA, and do big data analysis with software. It was a very busy day, but Zhang Ying was depressed because he paid less than $20 thousand a year. What’s the concept of $20 thousand? The average monthly allowance is $more than 1000.

The first step of

in 1987, Zhang Ying, 14, immigrated to the United States with his parents. 2 years later, he enrolled in Lincoln High School in San Francisco. Frankly, when the high school is one of the worst high school in San Francisco, the campus is the most bovver, police cars and ambulances patrolling the campus next day.

well, if you start now, you say, "I don’t know anything, but I’d really like to try making money online. What should I do? How do you get started? Is it easy to make money online?"

in 1991, Zhang Ying was admitted to the Department of neurobiology in California, San Francisco, and his theory of rivers and lakes continued to function. Sophomore summer, Zhang Yingsui students go to East Africa’s Serengeti riding a motorcycle in 3 months, Christmas Eve and several Spanish students went to Argentina, Chile and other South American play rafting, fourth even further exploration of Australian desert hinterland.

: first of all, what you are to do, requiring only one very important: don’t believe those so-called can let you quickly earn several hundred million yuan in January on the so-called all Wangzhuan project, but do not believe as long as the Internet, will be typing, posting, it can really make money the project. Many novice is dizzy, these sorts of exaggeration in: terribly fatigued all the efforts spent looking for projects, and found that this project does not work, then find the next one, has been found to all project operation, will not be able to earn money when, completely lost confidence so far. So, I would like to advise my friends who want to step into this line, and stop thinking about dropping pie in the sky.

until six months later, Zhang Yingcai knew that his colleague’s father was the richest Chinese American in Philippines. He was the most famous serial founder of American chip industry and had his own private jet. That man came to the Institute mainly to experience life.

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