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May 2014 May 30th, face sprouting downloads at iOS and Android were 90 thousand and 45 thousand, compared with 120 thousand in May 31st and 90 thousand in 6>

was a smash hit Guo forthrightly reflection once because it is too "expansion" eat a lot of fruit.

Guo participated in the press conference as a guest. At the same time the scene and his friends sang founder Yin Sang, V founder Liu Jingkang, founder of Fault Segment live, Gaoyang sharp wave technology founder Sun Yuchen POI, founder of the Internet online education summer Pengye, Teambition founder Qi Junyuan more than 10 after 88 entrepreneurs.

, born in 1989, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and joined the Tencent. He left Tencent in 2013 and founded his face at the end of 2013.

London December 18th news: yesterday learned from the Ministry of information industry, Ministry of information industry has started to issue SP unified short message access code of the new use of evidence, in the future, only to have the new SP code certificate, business license to get SMS, MMS, E such as telecom value-added service.


day, the site is not the media, investors and seek partners around the packed, they rush to put into the hands of these young people’s name card. Since then, Guo has become one of the most celebrated models of "after 90 entrepreneurs".

face adorable "overnight" had let Guo column phone was ringing off the hook, interview requests including investors to extend the olive branch, the media, his analysis of industry and other entrepreneurs to look forward to. At that time, Guo column on the mobile phone WeChat unread messages to be displayed specific numbers, mobile phone bursts will received a strange call and WeChat add friends for some time, he even can not properly answer the phone, let mobile phone stop vibrating on the table.

and "fame" are accompanied by a blind confidence in the team. Now, experienced business peak and trough Guo recalled the past experience of science and technology Tencent said, like many young entrepreneurs, adorable face success made him anxious through a lot of detours, and now, the "90 entrepreneurs" label has become a thing of the past.

Guo was first noticed by the outside world in 2014. The reason is a face called "can Meng" can do personal custom face software, and once there are a lot of friends in WeChat have replaced the face through Meng homemade WeChat avatar. Then face disappeared, Guo column in a long period of silence, until 2016, his second project Faceu again blasting friends circle, he was back to the public view.

expansion and low tide

August 2014, IDG in Beijing opened a "IDG 90 entrepreneurs fund launching ceremony cum 90 entrepreneurs will meet the media", the fund size of $100 million, to support 90 young entrepreneurs and around the younger generation way of life and the changing needs of entrepreneurs.

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