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this business review selected some of the guests’ speeches, aiming to show readers another picture of China’s economic growth, "shifting gears" and "upgrading" through the "sparks of thought".

called qindie? Is a wholly-owned acquisitions, let you become a part of it, since it & you later, to carry out their business in the inside is no longer, such as 91 mobile phone assistant is sh419’s wholly-owned acquisitions, such as the Android team is shlf1314 comprehensive mergers and acquisitions.

when the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data gradually put the Internet industry "platform" set up, the Internet giants will be dancing sooner or later. This year, the industry’s major events occur frequently: Alibaba stake in Sina, micro-blog; sh419 acquisition of PPS, 91 wireless; WeChat 5 shock debut…… This series of actions is concentrated to the giants in the transfer of resources at the same time, also let the traditional industry downturn ashamed".

Door to Door expects to grow to $40 million this year,

second is the "stepfather", I think it is a massive stake in the holding, his support for you will be better, this is the independent development and use of resources better way, such as Sogou bottom swim.

starts with Mike, and we’re going to talk about some of the same self-made entrepreneurs. From the following 3 successful companies, we can find that the founder through his own wisdom and efforts to forge ahead, creating millions of dollars worth of business. What are the secrets to their rapid growth,


today, the emergence of giants for entrepreneurs of the acquisition, the investment of entrepreneurs, in fact, means that the entire Internet in accelerating development, the rise of entrepreneurs will no longer lead because of plagiarism


in fact, "fight father" is just an image of the statement, this is an ethical and unrelated to business related words. We put the "father" is divided into three types, which is called "father" and "stepfather" and "godfather".


when he opened the box in the garage, he founded the Door to Door Organics in a warehouse, organic agricultural products door-to-door service company, David · Gesen David Gersenson is the instinct told him that the company will have a brilliant future in the future.

as a "toilet paper entrepreneur" The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur author, Mike · Mischa Boris said: "I have been holding the start empty-handed once, a large sum of money business, I have to say, I love start empty-handed." He recently founded a business accelerator Provendus in New Jersey. "Trying to make better, faster decisions is not forced, but because you can really feel the pain of every mistake.". When you have no money, you can quickly see what is feasible and what is not. I didn’t feel the pain after the Obsidian venture. I just wasted money and time. It made things worse."

managed to set up two technology companies with little or no money, allowing Mike ·, Mischa Boris Mike Michalowicz to succeed in investing in the next company for obsidian start-ups. But it has become "do not easily promise" footnote, Mike · Mischa Boris get investment funds, unfortunately, his project failed. In hindsight, he was too successful and lacked a sense of urgency that led to bad decisions that led to the failure of the project.

achieves $26 million in 16 years,

this year, the bulk of the Internet mergers and acquisitions surging, large investment more and more, into a truly new era, that is, "fight father" era".

, though Gersenson’s eyes proved his priority

so, entrepreneurs in such an era where the way out? This year from the purchase price to the Alibaba 91 sh419 Sina micro-blog into the capital, we can see several giant figure, a lot of people will say, this is not an entrepreneurial era? I think this is a better time for entrepreneurs. Because in the past, you start a business or be copied by a big company, or you can only wait for a slim chance of IPO. For most entrepreneurs, you will never see the day.

"I broke the record and I knew it was going to be a success," he recalled, in 1997, when he foresaw the future of the company. His first pot of gold began in upper Barkis County, Pennsylvania, and he made about $700 in business. The company was based entirely on his ideas. When he was 20, he had the idea of eating organic vegetables in India.

third is the godfather, what he can to help you, we do not know who, but the independence of the company at this time is enough, if you need a strategic alliance, you only need to inject some resources, the vast majority is VC.

Door to Door: to achieve organic growth,

in the traditional cycle industry misfiring, 2013 Chinese 13 Internet Conference opened in Beijing, but there was another Chinese economic barometer to us. In this table we see the rain, full of youthful spirit of the Internet industry, more China saw the direction of economic restructuring.


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