Talking about five skills to build P traffic on the tens of thousands

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webmaster commonly used methods are divided into the following categories, but also have their own understanding and methods,.:

one.QQ promotion: usually beneficial to this approach, the promotion of the webmaster, are using some software release a lot of spam to friends, can also be not friends. Probably a lot of stationmaster thinks, this kind of method is out of date. But I learned from some of the webmaster, this method is still valid, because the Internet is now too many new Internet users and primary Internet users, but I do not advocate this approach.

two, Links: between the station and the mutual aid, this is one of the early Internet more favorable publicity, because when people do not know the search engine, most Internet users surf the Internet, is a site to another station, the website promotion plays a significant role between. The webmasters at that time were very keen to show more creativity in the 88*31 box. Although the times are different, but this method is still more effective and long-term stability of one of the promotion methods.


: This is most Adsense promotion, send some related with their web content posts to various forums, " and grab a hot; sofa " and the bench, there is a webmaster signature. He told me proudly, each new station built first thing, is to find a forum site, one day more than 50 registered forum, because now many forums have set up new users posting time, wait until the end of the forum registration is successful, the forum will be in front of the registered post. But he said, generally do not start posting, that is, grab the sofa. The reason is the fear of being ID, he has many tricks, I’ll back for the Forum promotion part to explain.

four. Search engine: now many webmaster found, honestly do stand, never consider cheating. Their website ranking is not ideal. So, many webmaster began to learn how to cheat on the search engine, to produce a lot of junk pages, keep the domain name registration, apply for blog, free space and so on, there are many webmaster to this means a lot of money, some owners by cheating, every day can be registered more than 100 film member, said income over 1000. Really chilling listening. To do so, is bound to bring disaster to the development of personal website. (mobile rectification, recently is the personal website by


search engine optimization, I will focus on speaking, but definitely not only cheating, optimization, how to make the search engine more quickly and will not be included, K, longer to bring traffic, the test station opened in November 14th, the two day was Google included, and three days by most search engines included, next step is to optimize the ranking, in the following I will analyze how I did it.


five. Baidu post: now many owners will be used in this method, a new station, immediately think of Baidu post to pull people. Many webmaster summed up his experience, some Adsense one day can bring flow from the post > amazing

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