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first declared that I was also a novice, self-study only now for less than 2 months. One might say, a recruit have what to say seven eight here. Again, I’m not preaching here, but talking about how it feels these days. Well, it’s called "experience."".

I do is beautiful nets, because at that time think more like beautiful pictures of people, may be easy to flow, easy to advertise. Perhaps most novice webmaster will plan his website like this: 1. find a CMS, next good-looking template, COPY a lot of content. Let’s build the station first. 2., desperately post, write pseudo original soft Wen, build blog, like a beggar to find friends chain. In order to get the traffic. 3., the third part is like a headless fly to find the alliance, select advertising. Then sit down and watch the League statistics several times a day to see if there are a few more cents on the account.

my first stop is built, you must have personal sorrow and joy to say, are well aware of the. This road is doomed to very hard, very tired, very confused, and the success rate is still relatively low, even if a small amount of money can be made, the process is very long. Once inadvertently saw an idea: "site of reverse thinking."". Is to reverse our thinking, planning to reverse it. First select the advertising (what type, what format); according to the type of ad to choose how to engage in traffic; finally, according to the advertising type and flow method to plan how to do what site website.

currently popular advertising models, mainly divided into four major types of

1, fixed advertising: time advertising, billing,

2 and CPC ads: click ads to charge

3 and CPA ads: charging per boot ad, for example: registration, messages, downloads,

4 and CPS advertising: advertising for each purchase.

second step: according to the type of advertising to select traffic flow method

to do things, we should not be limited to the popular way, but to target oriented. To earn advertising fees, certainly want to engage in traffic flow, but, do not have to do a website, for some types of advertising, even if no site can make money, there are a lot of Wangzhuan master over the years, no website, but the monthly income in more than $100 thousand.

through what method to do traffic? Not necessarily have to do web site, commonly used methods have the following:

1, direct advertising,

2, write soft text

3, using blog

4, using E-mail

5, using QQ

6, using forum

7, keyword advertising,

8, do web site for SEO


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