Color matching and non color matching in Web Design

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many webmaster in doing web design time, because without professional training, the effect is bad. The first impression of a web page is not rich content, nor is it the impeccable layout, but the color matching of the web page. Web design collocation with the site’s webmaster, the site in the industry, now Xiaobian will write a series of "color collocation of the article, hope to provide help for the web design collocation is not good webmaster in color.

Color matching of

web design


recommendation 1: cyan + orange + black


specific color scheme is shown in the figure above. Now I’ll make an imaginary out of the three colors.

let black at the top and contrast strongly with the colors below to make the page more hierarchical. Make an analogy, let black on the navigation bar, navigation bar can be gray, or other relatively appropriate color. The characters on the navigation bar can also be black, and the contrast will be more pronounced.

cyan as the main color, located in the main position of the web page, can have very strong impact.

The main color orange

as marked on the main focus, position, make the text more eye-catching. You can set the text color is orange, orange can also be used as the background, in the above to add white font.

recommendation two: deep red + light red + white



this is based on Coca-Cola’s official website on 2011, and we’re going to do some analysis. Because of the long time, now can not open, there is no clearer picture, see understanding.

. The arrangement of the size of the white words makes the theme distinct and definite.

through the combination of deep red and light red, it creates a lively and warm atmosphere, which gives people an infinite sense of vitality.


screen with small yellow, orange, and font hit floating effect, make the picture more lively, more stark contrast.

non color matching

what is the color collocation? As the name implies, is black, white and gray collocation in three colors, black and white collocation, or with other color collocation can produce very strong contrast, the need to show the subject clear. Gray is a universal color, which can match any color. It can also reconcile two opposing colors and make them harmonious transitions. For example, I just in color collocation examples, make the navigation bar perfect transition gray.

recommendation 1: Red + white + black


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